Doesn't drink enough water???

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Doesn't drink enough water???

Postby xKayleighx » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:46 pm

So Bruce has never been one of those types of dogs that just laps up water all the time. But I feel like lately he isn't drinking water hardly at all lately.

I notice that he likes drinking the water from the water bowl outside more so than the bowl inside. Which I think is weird...

But more so it seems Bruce's pee is super dark, almost a green color. This can't be normal, right? His skin elasticity is fine, energy level is fine (too fine if you ask me ;p), his gums seem fine, so I don't think he's dehydrated.

Am I an overly considered dog-mom? Or is there room for real concern?

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Re: Doesn't drink enough water???

Postby Curly_07 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:59 pm

Curly is kinda like this. She drinks sips here and there. Some days hardly any water others a bowl and a half in one day. Her pee is usually pretty dark too. My vet said not to worry, as she has always been like this and is not showing any signs of dehydration. Maybe MissKiwi will chime in...?

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Re: Doesn't drink enough water???

Postby nic » Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:30 am

Personally I think if the dog is showing no signs of illness don't worry about how much they seem to be drinking.
I think as humans people forget we drink as much recreationally,as we do because we need to rehydrate.
We might fancy a cup of something because its nice to drink,or its a habit that we have x at x time of day.
I have met people who make the dogs unwilling to drink in front of them as they keep calling the dog to the water,and by trying to encourage them,they actually make the dog stress out about the water/bowl.
(I would find the wee colour odd though?)

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Re: Doesn't drink enough water???

Postby tiva » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:37 pm

Mushers always bait their dogs' water with broth, because many dogs won't drink enough when it's cold out for top athletic performance. Add a little tasty meat juice to that water, and they'll drink more.

But for ordinary life, if you're making certain that the bowls are clean, the water is fresh, and the dog is not dehydrated, chances are he's fine. Here's how to check a dog for dehydration: ... rated.html

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