Grain free kibble without potatoes?

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Re: Grain free kibble without potatoes?

Postby Cherry » Fri Oct 07, 2011 7:37 am

I feed Nature's Variety Instinct Salmon Meal Formula. I like it but Cherry has gained a lot of weight on it. :( She's up to 58 lbs now, ugh. On Wellness with regular exercise she weighed 45-50. Started a cut back today. It is lower protein than the Wellness Core she was eating as well and I think that has contributed to her losing some muscle tone. But, I'm hoping her next blood panel will show her kidney/liver levels went down since feeding it.

Overall, I think it has helped a little with Cherry's allergies. But then again, hers are mostly environmental. As long as she's eating a limited ingredient diet that is salmon based, she does well on the food. She has had a lot less yeast problems in the ears though, so that is a plus!! Potato feeds yeast, another plus of a potato free food.
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Re: Grain free kibble without potatoes?

Postby TrainTrax » Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:31 am

I have my pups on California Natural Chicken and Rice, I must say I love it. It's pretty limited ingredient. Only one protein source for the most. It's pretty bland, so making a switch from say TOTW over to California Natural is a bit difficult lol. I haven't tried the grain free but have been thinking about it. Both my girls have pretty sensitive skin and it's the ONLY food that has stopped their skin from being so damned dry and flaky. The cost isn't too bad. A 30 pound bag is about $45 here in Florida. The grain free is a bit more expensive but not by much.
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