Enlarged lymph node

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Re: Enlarged lymph node

Postby pblove » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:52 pm

How is Miss Haley feeling?? Hoping as good as can be :pray

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Re: Enlarged lymph node

Postby gooeydog » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:09 am

She seems to be feeling ok still, sleeps a lot, but that's something she's done for a while. She was kind of worn out after a slightly long therapy visit at the end of march, so i cut our most recent visit back by about 20 minutes, and she was still feeling pretty peppy at the end, though as usual, she spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch. Had an episode of vomiting (twice) and not eating for 2 days a few weeks ago where she looked and felt like crap, but I bought her some chicken patties (just regular breaded ones for people- she totally shunned chicken with and without rice) and she's pretty keen on those. We've now weaned her back to dog food, but she clearly has a preference for the super expensive, "gourmet dinner' type canned foods, she eats them with gusto, but when we try to slip in a cheaper(1.25/can instead of 2.59/can) food, she picks it apart and spits it all over the floor- what a jerk! We've kind of reached a middle ground on the food, alternating brands to keep her interest, and I think she's actually gained back a little weight since her hunger strike a few weeks ago, though she's still on the thin side. She really doesn't want anything to do with kibble now that she's had the new canned foods, but will happily- and successfully- beg for our food when we eat. She still stands on her head to greet people, and is going to work with me a couple-few times a week just so she doesn't get "depressed" staying with my mom every day.

Physically, it's harder to guage, her prescaular LNs are quite large now, but don't seem to bother her, LNs in her inguinal area and hind legs are variable in size, and there's been variable bruising (non-painful as far as I can tell) over the inguinal LNs. The LNs under her jaw seem to be slightly enlarged over the last several weeks, but appear to be growing slowly for the moment. She developed edema in on of her hind legs a few weeks ago, but it didn't seem to bother her and resolved on its own. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort right now, so we're just letting her do pretty much whatever she wants and keeping an eye on her symptoms.

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