Rabies alert in FL

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Rabies alert in FL

Postby Red » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:04 am

Area between Archer, Newberry and Bronson.Last time the dog was vaccinated was 7 years ago and now, because of the owner negligence, the other two dogs that belong to the same family will be euthanized. Who is so insane not to keep up with rabies vaccinations, geez.


A Levy County family is getting a series of rabies vaccines starting today after the family pet dog tested positive for rabies.

In connection with that case, the Alachua County Health Department is warning the public about the rabies danger.

The rabies alert will be in effect for the next 60 days in the around around Forest Park and University Oaks -- in an area between Archer, Newberry and Bronson.

Anyone who might have come in contact with the dog -- a light brown American bulldog - since Feb. 9 is urged to contact the Health Department.

“Hopefully there aren’t any other exposures, but we want to get the word out as best we can because there is no cure for rabies and it is fatal,” said Anthony Dennis, environmental health director for the Alachua County Health Department.

The dog, reportedly last vaccinated seven years ago, was found with a dead raccoon last month and began acting aggressively Sunday. On Tuesday, a veterinarian reported to the Levy County Health Department that a dog had been euthanized and needed to be tested for rabies. The dog’s brain tissue was tested at state Health Department labs in Tampa and results came back positive for rabies Thursday, Dennis said.

Interviews with the owner Thursday revealed that the dog had scratched his owner’s legs and been behaving aggressively to the family’s two other dogs.

Post-exposure rabies vaccination was recommended for the owner. Friday, the owner, his wife and the two children went to an Alachua hospital for treatment. The family’s other two dogs will be euthanized.

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Rabies alert in FL

Postby Adrianne » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:53 am

How sad.

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