Nero had a seizure

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Re: Nero had a seizure

Postby El_EmDubya » Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:47 am


Could you please post a description of what you tried, what worked, and what did not? :)
Not every dog is the same and your experience may help an other.

And for the ear issues...have you tried probiotic supplements?


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Re: Nero had a seizure

Postby Curly_07 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:48 am

Awesome news!!! He looks great too!

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Re: Nero had a seizure

Postby GoingPostal » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:08 pm

For the allergies unfortunately as far as we got with two different vets was a few courses of antibiotics, different medicated shampoos and skin scrapes.
June 2010- (local vet) skin scrape/woods lamp, cephalexin, ketachlor shampoo
August 2011-(out of town vet) animax, cephalexin, etiderm shampoo

After 2-3 weeks on antibiotics his skin would start to clear up, 2-3 weeks after that he'd fall apart again. His skin would get hot, red oozing spots on his back, then his hair would fall out down his spine, first year he got hugely better over the winter, after that when it came back in the fall it started bouncing back and forth in severity. Large amounts of fish oil were added, then coconut oil, sometimes put directly on skin. That seemed to help quite a bit, other than his back hairloss and sometimes smell (yeasty), ear flareups where they would be red and itchy but not infected, we had them checked several times at vet visits. 2012 I didn't bother bringing him to the vet for the usual, just upped the fat and coconut oil and gave him baths sometimes.

June 2012-first seizure and allergies started up bad again soon after
July 2012 switched to raw
Sept 2012
Halloween 2012

It took about 6 months to see an improvement on his coat on raw but it looks great now, I do make a point to give him more fat than the other dogs but we have been phasing out the oils as they get mostly local raised or hunted meat. I have not tried probiotics, any suggestions? I know not all are good and don't want to waste my money. The vet gave us that animax which seems to clear it up in a couple days.

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