Toda's off to the vet tomorrow

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Toda's off to the vet tomorrow

Postby Boo439 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:32 pm

Well, there's something wrong with my Toda-Bizzle. It first happened about 2 months ago when we went to NC to pick up a car. We were at a rest stop and a woman and her little girl approached Toda. As usual, he was super excited. Only this time he fell to the asphalt legs sprawled out and he struggled to get up. The weather was nice, not wicked hot or anything. I helped him up, comforted him and gave him water. He was fine the rest of the trip.

We had forgotten about the incident and had thought it was just over-excitement. The next couple times he met people and got real excited, (within the last couple of days), he either fell to the floor and couldn't get up, or he wobbled around like he was drunk. It went away very quickly, though. The vet couldn't see him until tommorrow.

Well, today, we took Toda and Sadie to Gemini Springs State Park and had a great time. Beautiful scenery, water, -cottonmouth snake-, and an elderly lady that called to us from across a field. She waved us over and went right for Toda. "Oh, you are a handsome boy, I love you", etc... I told her how suprised I was that she didn't run away or curse me for bringning a child-killer to the park. She said that her grand-daughter had 2 pit bulls and she loves them.

Anyway, she was giving Toda all this attention and Jason and I both saw it happening again. We asked the lady to excuse us, and I comforted Toda telling him he was okay and to relax. I'm scared at this point, because this is the worst he has been. After water, we're walking back and Toda is stumbling like he is drunk again. It was hot today, but not horribly. He had access to water the entire time we were out, so I don't think that's it. We sat in the car with the A/C blowing on him and by the time we got home, (5-7 minutes), it was as if nothing had happened.

I don't know if what's happening to Toda counts as seizures or not. I hope not. It seems to be only when he gets attention from a stranger. During these episodes, it's like he blacks out to what we say. He is so very attentive to me usually and always looking to me for a command or a look. During these episodes, he's not looking at anything until he calms down. And this is within less than a minute usually. In any case, his appointment is first thing in the morning. Has anyone else ever witnessed such a thing?


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Postby concreterose » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:51 pm

Poor Toda....I hope he checks out ok...he'll be in my prayers.

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Postby BabyReba » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:21 pm

Oh, that's so scary. I have never had a dog do anything like that, and I hope Toda is OK!


Postby Boo439 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:37 pm

Thanks guys. I hope he's okay, too. Here's a pic of us as the sun was setting. Aside from the episode, we had such a good time.


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Postby moto1320 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:53 pm

Good luck guys, that's a new one on me too. I hope all turns out well.

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Postby kendall » Mon Apr 26, 2004 9:43 pm

You're all in my thoughts. :pray I hope your boy will be okay. Keep us posted, and good luck.


Postby katsola » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:06 pm

I'll pray for Toda too!

My friend has a Silky Terrier that has the same thing. I am not sure if her dog has collapsed before or not. But it's the same M.O.-- when he gets really excited it happens and when he's smelling something really smelly in the grass. As I recall his mouth gets a little foammy too and he blanks out-- even when they are calling him to get his attention and gets a bit wobbly too. I will email her to see what her vet said to her about it. She took little Tucker in too.

Good Luck. I will be thinking about you, Toda and Sadie tomorrow.


Postby jmann4 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:37 pm

I hope everything turns out and Toda is okay.

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Postby CinderDee » Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:19 pm

Good luck at the vet! Please let us know what they said.



Postby Boo439 » Tue Apr 27, 2004 6:45 am

Here's the update. When the tech and the vet saw Toda at the same time, he had another episode. This doesn't sound good to me.

Toda had some urine and blood taken to be tested. My Dr. said the following were possibilities, in order of probability.

1. Liver shunt - see for a good description of what it is.

2. Junior epilepsy - basically epilepsy in its early stages

3. Brain tumor

He is on Amitriptyline (a seperation anxiety drug) for now to keep the edge off. Basically what's happening, is with his excitement, he is reaching a "plateau". Once he hits that level of excitement, all heck breaks loose in his body and he has an episode. The Amitriptyline is going to keep him from hitting that "plateau" until the tests come back and we can go from there.

I'm going to go cry now. :crybaby:

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Postby damienApbt » Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:42 am

what did the vet say about treatment for any of the possibilities?? i've heard about dogs fainting from excitement but thats about it. never experieced the "episodes" though. i hope there is a good outcome for your little kiddie. 8( :pray keep us posted.


Postby Ruby » Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:45 am

How long till the results from the blood work come back? Please let us know. I will be praying for you guys.


Postby rosiegirl » Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:59 am

I hope Toda's OK.


Postby Boo439 » Tue Apr 27, 2004 9:01 am

Thanks for the kind words, everyone... Results will be in tommorrow. She put a "rush" priority on the results. I hope nothing happens to Toda, not only because he is attatched to my hip and I love him dearly, but if he dies from this, my fiancee doesn't want another dog. We already had to put Mugen down. He's tired of losing animals, and so am I. I just don't know what I'll do without Toda. He protects me from people and hangs on my every word. He's only 2 years old... If I talk about it any more, I'm going to break down and cry again :crybaby:


Postby katsola » Tue Apr 27, 2004 9:16 am

I will keep praying for Toda.

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