Knee Surgery - Yes or no?

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Re: Knee Surgery - Yes or no?

Postby KanersHuman » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:28 pm

Misskiwi67 wrote:Here's a client handout on cranial cruciate disease and the treatment options: ... C=0&A=1975" onclick=";return false;

I recommend the more expensive repair for overweight dogs and young, active dogs. The replacement ligament repair (fishing line repair) performed in young dogs can wear out and break over the course of a lifetime, resulting in the need for a repeat surgery later in life.

Other than this detail, the 3 most common repair options have not been shown to be significantly difference in complications or long-term arthritis prevention. Some people report faster recoveries with the metal implant style surgeries but I don't know that this has been definitively shown. Complication rates are determined by the skill of the veterinarian performing the surgery. I always recommend using the surgeon people are most comfortable (someone who does this surgery frequently, not once every other month) and have ready access to should complications occur.

Also look into rehab if it is available in your area. This can dramatically improve success and return to function.

We went with this "group" in Chicago (about an hour from me). They have 4 buildings on one block. 1 is emergency 24/7 care. 1 is surgery. 1 is typical vet visits. The last is physical therapy. Super modern offices, lots of staff (i think i saw 50 people between the entrance and the visiting room). It was like being at a human specialty/private hospital. Our surgeon was doing 3 TTA's that day.

Anyhow...they are really smart in terms of connecting you with their other branches. Part of the TTA surgery is a free rehab session where they explain all of the things you should do at home...where i assume they will pitch their services. Not sure because i haven't been there yet. If the therapist is as good at communicating whats going on as the surgeon i am going to sign her up.

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Re: Knee Surgery - Yes or no?

Postby Misskiwi67 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:11 pm

I would recommend doing the rehab. We have a rehab center associated with my clinic, and it really makes a big difference. You can do just a few sessions or many, and if you can only afford a few they should be able to teach you massage and range of motion type things to do at home. Its well worth it.

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