Stuffed Kong on raw diet?

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Re: Stuffed Kong on raw diet?

Postby MarMar » Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:24 pm

I make Kongs with a mix of oatmeal, kibble, NRG (dehydrated raw food), sardines, applesauce and cottage cheese or yogurt. You can eliminate the kibble if you don't feed it.

I also dislike stuffing Kongs with raw and also worry about cleaning them, but one thing I found worked well was that I had a few old Kongs that were splitting (the top 2 sections coming off from the bottom). I cut them with a scissor, and found I could pack each section with ground raw. They don't last as long as a whole Kong, but I freeze them to make it a bit more challenging, and they're MUCH easier to clean!

I also like the Westpaw Tux toys although I wish they were bigger!!

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