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Leaking stool after Neuter surgery!!

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:43 pm
by NipseyBlu
I have a 1 year old male blue nose who just got fixed yesterday..As soon as I picked him up after being there for about 7 hours, I saw that he had poop hanging out. I then let him go potty & to let it all out. Later that evening, I noticed clear like liquid running down his anus area so I immediately took him out side to let it out. This morning I woke up to him leaked on the blanket more red/runny gooey insides. I've done a bit a research which it seems to be "feces in continuance". I will be taking him to the vet, but I am curious if this usually happens after dogs getting fixed? Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated, I just want my boy to be okay :(