First attempt at BARF

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First attempt at BARF

Postby kendall » Sat May 01, 2004 7:29 pm

So Levi had his first purely BARF meal tonight. I wasn't planning on it, but we were BBQing and I had cooked for everyone and still had about a hamburger's worth of ground beef left. So I took it inside, cut up some carrots and potatoes, put a little bit of cheese in with it and mashed all that up with the hamburger and Levi had that for supper.
He absolutely loved it. With his kibble, he usually eats pretty slow, he'll take a couple bites in his mouth and move about 5 feet from the bowl to eat them. He never left the bowl tonight and he finished all of it.
So that went well. I think I'll try to regularly supplement his kibble with BARF now, since he seemed so fond of it. :)

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