For people worried about high protein

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For people worried about high protein

Postby abman » Fri Apr 08, 2005 1:38 pm

My dog generally gets dry foods that have protein amounts between 22-30%. He is usually very active also. He's even had a 34% feed when he was really active and on the go all the time.

I had the vet run blood tests while he was on a higher protein feed. All of his blood work came back good. I told the vet to tell me if anything even looked like it was approaching improper levels and he said everything was perfect.

A few things that (i think) made sure the dog didnt have any problems were

1)he received exercise. dont have to be a track star but dont want a couch potato.
2)plenty of water. Water is the kidneys(and other organs) best friend.
3)He wasnt on high protein foods all the time. During times when the dog was not going to be as active, i would put him on a 22% feed.

Also, my dog gets meat which contributes to the water content.

Just wanted to share.

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