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Postby Dogo Canario » Sat May 08, 2004 2:00 pm

Has anyone had any experience with or know of Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy in APBT/AST's? I don't need info on the disease as I am a vet tech and familiar with the basics of it, but am asking regarding specifically to this breed. Someone I know has a pup at the vet with classic symptoms of HOD (severe pain, lameness, fever, anorexia) and they began less than 24 hours after his 2nd DA2P-PV vaccination. He has been hospitalized since thursday with no improvement and being treated with IV fluids, antibiotics (I don't know what) and from what the owner tells me I think they are using cortisone which is a bad thing in most HOD cases..... but the veterinarian hasn't diagnoised this pup with a thing yet, just administering supportive care. Owner doesn't believe xrays have been taken but he was told there is nothing significant on the blood work.

I know it has a tendency to run in certain larger fast growing breeds but am not familiar with it's occurance in this one. Has anyone here had to experience this disease in their dog? The pup is about 3 1/2 months and is from oversized parents though I know nothing else about his pedigree (BYB I'm fairly certain), though he didn't seem particularly large to me at about 25lbs.

Having worked in this field for many years I know that some vets need to be pushed to check for specific things and in some cases they don't know what's wrong and should refer the dog elsewhere but don't. I've told him to push for the xrays to at least R/O HOD and referred him to call my veterinarian who's vastly more experienced with orthopedic problems. Personally I think this vet is missing the obvious and I told him to specifically request xrays to look for HOD or pano, though I've never seen pano cause such severe symptoms before. Best I've been able to advise him is that most dogs do recover from HOD but I don't know of it's frequency in this particular breed.

Thanks in advance.


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Postby moto1320 » Sat May 08, 2004 4:28 pm

Sounds like the vac to me. Too many dogs have had reactions to them to excuse it. I'm no orthopedic specialist...good luck.

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