NEED EVERYONEZ INFO...on young pup

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NEED EVERYONEZ INFO...on young pup

Postby raven-az » Wed May 12, 2004 11:13 pm

SUP every1-

I'm a newbie on this forum, but I need every1z help plz...
I was given a pit whoz only 6 1/2 weeks old....very young and I'm a little worried about it.... Doez the pup still need to be with its mother at this young age for feeding? OR can this dog feed on its own? What I mean is, well it be able to eat on its own? If so what kind of supplements does the young pup need.
EX. milk?pup food?what type of food?......
what special care does this very young pup need? Do I get its first shots now?
Sorry for all the questions, but all your info would be very helpful?

thnx- :headbang:

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Postby damienApbt » Wed May 12, 2004 11:18 pm

i dont know about the whole feeding thing but i know others in here do. you've come to the right place.

what i do know is, is that pups that are away from there litter at that young of an age miss an important lesson in socialization. as far as learning how to interact with other dogs and proper puppy manners. there are ways to help and im sure others on this board can advise you on both feeding and socialization.

i would take the little bugger to the vet the next chance you get. if you dont know if the pup is up to date on vaccinations and shots it would definitely be important to do so.

welcome to the board raven.... good luck...and oh yeah, learn how to posts pics real quick..we all love to see pictures especially puppy pics.


Postby mad4bullies » Wed May 12, 2004 11:34 pm

If you dont ask, you wont know. Right let see wot i can do.
1.No the dog does not still NEED to be with its mother at this age, though some people say that it should be until 8or9 wks. Ive had both mine from 6wks and theyre perfect.
2.Any tinned puppy food with a little kibble/mixer will be fine. If your just feeding dry food, u may have to soak in a lil water. I gave mine minced beef, but be careful to drain some of the fat off if you cook it or u'll be cleaning up no.2's with a mop! roflmao
3.Yes itll eat on its own, try splitting it into at least 4 times a day. A little milk would be appreciated aswell id think,though not too cold or u'll end up as above!
4.Dont know wot the vets say in the states but over here a dogs shots are at 9 and 12wks, then u can walk them on the 13th week.

Other than that just give it a lot of love and as much attention as poss.

Hope thats helped a little bit. Dont be afraid to ask, theres so many helpful people on here. :thumbsup:


Postby mnp13 » Thu May 13, 2004 7:05 am

No, the puppy doesn't have to be with it's mom that young, but it probably shoud be. If you get it from a breeder, maybe you could bring it back for a few more weeks? Just a thought...

I now there are some socialization issues that tend to come up in dogs taken from their litters a such a young age, but I don't have any personal experience with them.


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Postby SKoth » Thu May 13, 2004 8:19 am

Your puppy will be fine being away from it's mother. I would, however, try to find some healthy puppies for him to interact with over the next couple of months. If you contact a local reputable trainer many of them have puppy socialization type classes. When he's a little older he will benefit from meeting up with those other puppies. In addition to doggie contact I would try to make sure that he isn't left alone for long. You have recieved him during his critical period (3-7weeks). He will quickly learn many things that will effect him throughout his life. His attachments will be greatly effected during this time. So if he feels alone and isolated most of the time it is unhealthy. The more attention and positive interactions he can have at this time the better.
As far as feeding is concerned make sure that he eats plenty of good quality puppy food. I have a little munch that I have had since three days old. I nuke a cup of h2o for 2 minutes and add it to her puppy food. Hot water will make his food mushy quick and then I add some canned. Make sure that the food isn't hot before you give it to him. I agree with mad4bullies, split the meals up into 3-4 a day. This will help him to get proper nutrition without gorging at 2 meals a day. Also, make sure that he has plenty of fresh water. The fact of the matter is that you just cannot housebreak him at this point as he doesn't have the facilities to control it. I like to put some big puppy pads down to keep things clean. Also, remember that pups usually recieve vaccines at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. He probably needs to be dewormed at those times as well. Your vet will know exactly what he needs. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Re: NEED EVERYONEZ INFO...on young pup

Postby jmann4 » Thu May 13, 2004 9:42 am

Q: Doez the pup still need to be with its mother at this young age for feeding? OR can this dog feed on its own?

A: It doesn't need to be with it's mother at this young, but it should be with it's mother for at least another week or two.

Q:Will it be able to eat on its own? If so what kind of supplements does the young pup need. EX. milk? pup food?
what type of food?

A: Yes, it will be able to eat on it's own. I would start it on some quality puppy food from Wellness or Innova. NutroMax Puppy is a good choice as well.

Q: What special care does this very young pup need?

A: It doesn't need any real special care. It needs to be fed, loved and socialized with other young puppies and people. Nothing out of the ordinary for a new puppy.

Q:Do I get its first shots now?

A: I would talk to a vet and see what would be the best time for this pup to get it's shots. If it's healthy you can get them done now.

Best of luck and welcome to the forum.

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Postby concreterose » Thu May 13, 2004 10:59 am

Good luck with your puppy! Make sure all the the puppies and dogs that you socialize it with are current on their vaccinations. You don't want your puppy to catch anything nasty...or expensive :)


Postby chewalotopus » Mon May 31, 2004 8:07 pm

hi, welcome!

don't take your new pup out where you know (or even think!) other dogs have done their business - unless it's been sterilized. My pups picked up parvo at a very young age - and you don't want to deal with something like that, trust me!

For food - if the pup will eat wet kibble - feed it - be sure to get a high quality food. Get some esbilac (milk substitute) and mix that in with the moist food. If the pup won't eat the kibble yet, just use the esbilac for now.

definitely socialize the pup & take it to the vet asap! congrats!!!! :))


Postby JessaNGizmo » Mon May 31, 2004 10:22 pm

Hey, Welcome!

Arizona sucks huh! LOL Its to hot here!

Everyone here gives great info and if you need help just PM me, Im in Mesa/Gilbert Border so if you are close we could maybe meet up and I can give you some pointers. Ive had my Gizmo since she was 4 weeks old and now she is 2 1/2 and healthy!



Postby JessaNGizmo » Fri Jun 04, 2004 5:12 pm

Any update? Anyone hear anything??


former vet nurse's advice

Postby bluesky1966 » Fri Jun 11, 2004 4:19 am

Be extra careful about keeping your shoes clean when you come in the house or where the puppy hangs out. a 10% bleach in water solution [dip and dry the sole of everyone's shoes] would help kill the parvo virus that can be quickly fatal for a puppy this age now that the effects of colostrum will be wearing off [no mom to get it from] vaccines wont help until the puppy is a little older and even then the pup's immune system is not strong enough to make antibodies against the parvo virus yet. Pit bulls are very susceptible to parvo. If your puppy refuses to eat at the normal feeding time or if the pup is even a little more quiet than usual I would call your vet right away. With an older puppy parvo comes on more gradually, but at this age it is quick and deadly.


Postby raven-az » Fri Jun 11, 2004 4:35 pm

:headbang: sup ever1....sorry i havent replied back......anyway
I really appreciate all the info and help you all posted.....
well I took her back to stay with her mother from the seventh week till the ninth week to be on the safe side.......ninth week I picked her up and shes now going on her eleventh week and doing great.......
I named her BLANCA with the obvious reason of her being white,but if you all have any good suggestios for a name that'll be appreciate too...
I do ocassionally take her back to her mother and brother(SUR aka Big boy) for socializng, I also have another youngsta pit running around the house,her name is RIZZO who is seven months,but shes alittle too aggresive when they play together

another question: Do female pits grow at the same rate and size as a male?
reason is that BLANCA is a little thinner than her brother SUR who appears "hefty,stocky" is that normal for females?

I'll try to get a pic of her and her brother posted asap.........


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