couple ?'s about conformation/crops

Talk about diets, exercise, and disease.

Postby elizer » Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:33 pm


i agree i really like that crop i think ill go with it.!
thanks for the replies guys,


Postby LoveABull » Fri Aug 13, 2004 8:55 am

if you plan on showing conformation.... i have an important question... is your dog an Amstaff or an APBT?

the reason i ask is this:

Amstaff breed standard = Eyes - Dark and round, low down in skull and set far apart. No pink eyelids...FaultsFaults to be penalized are: ...light or pink eyes...

no mention of blue eyes, just no light colored eyes or pink eyelids

APBT - UKC breed standard = eyes - Eyes are medium size, round to almond-shaped, and set well apart and low on the skull. All colors are equally acceptable except blue, which is a serious fault...

blue is dirrectly mentioned in this standard

that pup is also very young, almost all babies start with blue eyes :) ... i have the feeling that as your pup ages the blue will fade to a different color, or even a darker blue, because aparantly the dark steely blue-grey color that some blue pits eyes are is acceptable.

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