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Postby mypitmika » Mon May 07, 2007 2:49 pm

Wow, never heard of that. I have an appt. for Mika's annual check-up next week. I'll have to ask my vet about it and see what she has for info.

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Postby meginok » Mon May 07, 2007 3:41 pm

I have three cats, so I use the Frontline Plus. I have found one tick on one of the dogs while using it. I was NOT happy about that, but we do frequent a heavily wooded park with tall grasses, and we go out to the lake or out to Mom's rural place, so we're in some prime tick territory.

I dont' remember what mine cost me separately...I just know both dogs are in the 50-100 lb bracket, and getting 6 months preventatives (including Interceptor and Frontline Plus) for both dogs was right around $200.

With Frontline Plus you may have to remove ticks by hand, but it is good flea control for two months, making it more economical.

According to my vet and the Frontline Plus packaging, it treats for ticks for one month, and for fleas for three months.

Has anyone had their vet tell them NOT to but Frontline online? I've had two different doctors give me hell about buying it online. They said that there are a ton of bogus products out there that pose as Frontline. Sounds to me like they are trying to protect their profit.

My vet and I have never talked about it, but I quit buying any meds online just a few months after adopting Abbie Lou. I had done my own reading online, and I read about a lot of scams, and a lot of companies possibly getting counterfeit drugs even without their own knowledge (HUMAN meds, too, not just vet meds). I figure it's worth the few extra dollars (if even that) my vet charges for my peace of mind.

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Postby indianas_mom » Tue May 08, 2007 6:33 am

Wow. Learn something new on this site every day....
Did a bit of googling...apparently it's called babesiosis and a strain of the organism infects apbt's almost exclusively. Bizarre.
http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_ba ... _dogs.html

Thank you itsapitty and pblove !! I KNEW that someone on this board would know about it.

I didn't want to believe that vet would make up something negative about APBT's. They have enough rumors and urban legends about them already.

How sad about the dog that lost it's hind legs. I had no idea it could be so serious.
I better look into Advantage or Revolution for my dogs. The vet said these tick borne diseases are heading North too.

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