PLEASE HELP ME!!!! any information helps.

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! any information helps.

Postby Dakoda_Spazer » Sat Aug 21, 2004 3:54 pm

My 7 month old pitbull/dalmation mix has a large bump on her nose, the inside is swollen, and clear mucas is dripping from it. are these fimillar sings to any one? i am so scared ive already lost 2 dogs within one year i do not want to lose dakoda too!!!!

she also has redness in her ears. it is not ear mites, for i know what they look like. her ears were never trimed, so they are still big and dorky. they do not smell bad, they are just red.

one more thing is this small zit like thing on her neck. it could be some kind of flea bite, or a major disease im not aware of. it looks just like a pimple or wart that does not pop.

please give me any information you can i do not have money to take my friend to the vet because my two other dogs that passed away had parvo and had to be hospitalized for 6 days. it drained my bank account. any information from any of these signs helps!!!!

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Postby concreterose » Sat Aug 21, 2004 3:57 pm

I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems with your baby. It is really hard to diagnose things like that over the internet. Bumps and growths could be any number of things. The only way to find out and get appropriate treatment is to get your dog to a vet. Do you have a credit card? Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious!

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Postby pitbullforever » Sun Aug 22, 2004 8:28 pm

sorry to hear about the heath problems and the loss of your other dogs. you should bring him to a vet and see what the vet thinks. the bumps could be an allergy to something.


Yeah, I've seen stuff like that before...

Postby bigdaddypowers » Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:10 am

I'm told that pits, especially young pits, tend to have sensitive skin. My pit Winnie has had several rashes, bumps, zit-looking things, etc. Most recently she had a rapidly growing wart like thing on her ear and the hair over it fell out, it was gross and scary. I took her to the vet and he said that it was no big deal and that it would go away. A few weeks later it did indeed go away and the hair grew back.
That said, I by and large agree with the post above, it's always best to get a professional opinion when possible. Expense is a concern for me as well, I want to provide the best care possible for my pet but it's sometimes hard to determine what "best care" is, I think I'm fortunate to have found a vet that I trust to advise me on this point.
My general rule of thumb is that if the dog seems to be feeling/acting Ok, it probably is OK. If Sypmtoms persist or if the condition rapidly deteriorates I try to get the vet on the phone for a consultation.
I hope everything turns out well for you and your pooch!


Postby tuesdaysmom » Sun Aug 29, 2004 4:19 pm

Hmm any chance of a snake bite?? I have seen weenie dogs bitten by a snake, give him/her a benadryl just in case and see a vet ASAP.

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