Eating Mulch????

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Eating Mulch????

Postby Lizzie » Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:46 pm

It's NOT the chocolate mulch! It's just regular Parkis Mills bark mulch with cedar and a colorant that makes it a deep red color.

There are NO warnings on the bag or anything.

But... Jesse James LOVES this stuff! I don't know how much he actually swallows, but he walks around chewing on it constantly. We just put the mulch down over a HUGE area of our fenced-in yard... there is really no way for the dogs to avoid it. We actually put it down because of the dogs... just couldn't stand looking at the bare dirt where our lawn used to be! lol

Is this ok? Jesse loves sticks too... he's a very organic type of pup! Is it ok that he chews on this mulch?

He is always supervised in the yard.

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Postby aaronchpmn » Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:07 pm

as there are no warnings on the bag im sure all will be ok.... there are of course a few things to be wary of anf the first is poop, cedar is gonna loosen up his poop for a few weeks until he gets used to it in his system (happened to mine when i had cedar bedding for my hamster rip<tear>) but then it'll be fine... if he just likes chewing on it than im sure he isnt gulping it down, which is the other thing you wanna look out for, if hes gulping down wood than im sure you can imagne whats gonna happen when it comes out.... cedar does have a good taste to it and is a weaker equivalent to gum so its quite chewy, which is prolly why your lil guy likes it so much... basically as long as he chewing b4 he swallows i wouldnt worry about it

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