Baloos New Diet after the Vet Visit today....

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Baloos New Diet after the Vet Visit today....

Postby JessaNGizmo » Tue Sep 14, 2004 9:01 pm

Twice Daily -

1 Cup of Dry Food
1 Tblsp of Canned Food
1 Tsp FRESH GROUND Flax Seed
1 - 380 Mg of Echinacea Each Feeding
1 - 500 Mg of Vitamin C Once Daily

Along with a Cephalexin 500 Mg for a infection on his foot.

He got a Clavomax Shot, and Ivermectin Shot for the infection and Mange so hopefully with all this change next week he will look better. Hes gotten worse in the last week since last weeks Ivermectin Shot. They also upped the Ivermectin so hopefully that helps also. Im not sure what started this breakout again but no more, I want him to be healthy! Let me know what you think.......Will start RAW in a few weeks once I get my new paycheck...

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Postby JessaNGizmo » Tue Sep 14, 2004 9:07 pm

Hopefully this will help!


Postby JessaNGizmo » Wed Sep 15, 2004 1:35 pm

Any more vitamins and all that I could add to him to help him? Let me know....please. I want my little man to be healthy even if I have to do this till he passes...



Postby Hooligan » Wed Sep 15, 2004 1:57 pm

adoptAshelterPit wrote:try putting some brewers yeast in his food. it is full of vitamins. and the dogs love it! it is SOOOO healthy for them :headbang:

Where do you find that at? Any particular dosage?


Postby JessaNGizmo » Wed Sep 15, 2004 2:07 pm

Hmm, I wonder! I will have to go find some! Thanks!!



Postby blover27 » Wed Sep 15, 2004 2:18 pm

hey jessa...wellness makes a good supplement...just sprinkle one teaspoon on his food once a day...i've been using it with good results :thumbsup:
its got all this good stuff...
alfalfa leaf:
Alfalfa meal is used as a source of nutritional fiber, micro-nutrients, iron and chlorophyll. It also acts as a digestive aid. Alfalfa aids in healing allergies, stomach ailments & bad breath. It also cleanses kidneys and removes poisons from the body. It improves appetite and aids in assimilation of protein and calcium.

An excellent source of carbohydrates and linoleic acid. It also has great flavor that complements the flavor of barley, oats and rye.

Fresh apples are an excellent source of pectin, which is a natural fiber responsible for removing toxins, reduces risk of heart disease and is beneficial for diabetic animals.

beta carotene
Beta Carotene is antioxidant. Research has shown that death cell occurs due to the process of oxidation, which is caused by what are called "free radicals". Antioxidants such as Beta Carotene neutralize these free radicals and the oxidation process is stopped. Now, the process of healing begins. Beta Carotene may also protect against certain cancers, cataracts and heart disease. Carrots and sweet potatoes are good source of Beta Carotene.

Blueberries are rich in Vitamin A & C, Potassium and Fiber. Fresh blueberries provide flavor, taste and color of fresh fruits.

canola oil:
Cold pressed Canola oil does not contain Hexane, which is used to extract many other vegetable oils. It is high in Linoleic acid, Omega-3 fatty acid, necessary for a healthy coat.

A natural source of Beta Carotene. An antioxidant, essential for interacting with free radicals caused by environmental pollution. It is believed to minimize hypersensitivity, allergies and cancer.

chelated minerals:
Organic and in-organic minerals are very hard to absorb Amino Acid (protein) bound Chelated Minerals are digestible forms of minerals which are easily absorbed by the body three to ten times greater than common minerals. Therefore, they are more effective in providing adequate nutrient balance.

chicken - human grade/deboned:
Edible portion of deboned chicken meat, certified by USDA as fit for human consumption, is used in Wellness dog food. Deboned chicken is highly digestible, excellent source of amino acids and a source of good quality protein. It is also very palatable to dogs.

filtered water:
We use the water that has been filtered through Culligan fine sand and activated charcoal filters to remove impurities such as asbestos, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals such as lead and a variety of chemicals that are known carcinogens.

fish meal:
Fish meal is highly palatable and a good source of protein, fish oils and Omega 3 fatty acids which are all critical for healthy skin and coat, normal reproduction, proper body function and improved growth rate of young puppies.

flax seed:
Also known as linseeds, flax seed is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are high in fiber that adds bulk to the diet. Omega 3 fats in Flax seed also improve shine of the dog and cat's coat. It also aids in movement of food through digestive system.

peas - garden fresh:
Dogs and cats love the flavor and taste of garden peas. Peas are high in Magnesium and soluble fiber. They are a great representative of the "Green" vegetable group.

Fights parasites in intestinal tract, repeals fleas and ticks and boosts immune system. It is also palatability enhancer. It also helps lower blood cholesterol and promote digestion of food.

lamb - free of artificial hormones:
Normally, hormones are added to the feed for animals to speed up growth. Hormones in human diets have resulted in lower sperm count in men and early maturity (as early as 8 years) of girls. Also, breast cancer is linked to hormones in diet. No study has been done to see the effects of hormones in dogs. We can only speculate. Therefore, we use only certified "Hormone-Free Lamb" in our Wellness Lamb formula.

Oatmeal is highly digestible source of carbohydrates, protein and nutritional fiber. It also provides balanced amino acids, essential for re-building healthy muscle tissues.

ocean whitefish:
A good source of essential Omega 3 fatty acid in abundance, to counteract the excess Omega 6, for dog and cat's healthy skin and coat.

omega 3:
It is believed that Omega 3 fatty acid plays critical role in therapy of immunosuppression. It has been reported to decrease arthritic stiffness. Fresh fish and flax seeds are the primary sources of Omega 3. Furthermore, it works in conjunction with Omega 6, therefore, a 4 to 1 ratio must be maintained with respect to Omega 6.

omega 6:
Omega 6 fatty acids, which are abundant in corn, cotton, sunflower and soybean oil, generally give rise to pro-inflammatory chemical messengers. Dietary Omega 3 fats which are abundant in Flax seed counteract the inflammatory action of Omega 6. Vegetable oils are rich with Omega 6 fatty acids. Linoleic acid is a very important part of Omega 6. It helps develop healthy and shiny skin and coat.

peas - garden fresh

Made of primary sugars such as Glucose and Sucrose. These are food for pro-biotics (see above). Enzymes thrive on sugars, thus do better job in the digestive tract.

Natural micro-flora such as enzymes and friendly bacteria that help digestion process, thus providing more efficient utilization of food and eliminates some gas problems and bloating after meals. Since bacteria and enzymes are heat-sensitive, they are sprinkled on the Wellness products after the product is cooled to room temperature.

sweet potatoes:
Sweet Potatoes are excellent source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and Beta Carotene. The starch in sweet potatoes converts to sugar easily and provides quick energy. Sweet potatoes are not part of the "Night Shade" family.

whole grain barley:
A human grade grain, used by major corporations to make oatmeal for breakfast. A highly digestible natural whole grain, providing excellent quality protein, carbohydrates and fiber. It is an excellent source of B vitamins and Lysine, an essential amino acid lacking in many dog food ingredients.

whole grain brown rice:
A natural whole grain rice that contains all of the natural vitamins and minerals found in the bran layers and germ of grains of rice. A source of complex carbohydrate, provides quick energy, and is loaded with B vitamins and minerals. It is higher in protein than milled white rice.

yucca schidigera:
Yucca is a desert plant, it is a natural source of digestive aid. It is also known to reduce fecal odor. It has been used for treatment of arthritis for centuries. It is rich in minerals due to it's anti-inflammatory properties


Postby JessaNGizmo » Wed Sep 15, 2004 7:40 pm

Wow, I'll have to find it here in Az and see how it would be. Maybe once I get my first paycheck. Thanks, thats a good supplement!

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Postby barbponys » Wed Sep 15, 2004 10:24 pm

Don't forget the yogurt for the flora in his gut. Either that or get him some acidophilus, yogurt will do fine till you can get him on the Wellness sup. Don't want the antibiotics to kill everything.


Postby JessaNGizmo » Thu Sep 16, 2004 1:15 am

So Yogurt and what about Cottage Cheese?!

I fed Giz those two the day after she got fixed, Yeah she was spoiled got liver and

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