She threw up rocks !

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She threw up rocks !

Postby SuperNova » Fri Sep 24, 2004 3:52 pm

Early this morning i woke up because I heard a vomiting sound. I looked over in Nova's kennel and saw that she was moving like she was going to vomit. As soon as I was right infront of her kennel to open it up she throws up. I look at the pile of vomit and in it there are about 7 rocks from the backyard (they're each about 1 inch in diameter).

That scared me to death. I didn't know how she got past me with all those rocks, all I know is that we're lucky they didn't get lodged in her intestines. She's acting normal. Jumpy, energetic, talkative... we were VERY lucky ... It was just a really bad scare. I'm going to keep watching her to make sure she keeps acting normal. If she starts acting strange or lethargic, to the vet she'll go. Chris said she had a bowel movement this morning around 8ish. So that's a good sign.

Ugh, Nova... sneaky little bia. :roll:

She's so sneaky ! I can't get over how smart she is. We caught her one time, walking in the house and something wasn't right, because she walked straight to her kennel and just plopped down. We checked her mouth and she had two rocks in there. Whatta handful she is !

texas pit stop


Postby texas pit stop » Fri Sep 24, 2004 4:03 pm

Mcdooser does the same thing. I have to watch him like a hawk in the morning. I live 400 feet off the road and while I cook "our" breakfast I usually leave the front door open so the "Doose" can do his business.
The other morning I saw him come back in and could by tell his body language that he had something he didnt want me to see.
Upon inspection I discovered he had a large white rock in his mouth. I had to TAKE it from him by force.

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