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Article(s) for Fully Bully

Postby JessaNGizmo » Thu Oct 07, 2004 2:16 am

Here is a thing I think I would LOVE to send in to Fully Bully. Would any one like to help or add their responses? What are the most popular supplements out there? I use Fresh Flax Seed vs. the oil, Sea Meal, Echinachea and Vitamin C. Now while typing this I think Ive decided to write a few and go in depth on a few of the MAJOR most popular supplements. What do you think? Wanna help, add your comments and name if you want to be recognized! We can have people write things of their exsperiences also! This is just for now, Will add more! If you want to add more, just go ahead and post it here! Lets make all the owners aware of all these WONDERFUL supplements! Maybe we add pics of our dogs that we make a statement about! :))

Supplements and how they can help our dogs...

Sea Meal -
SeaMeal contains 60 trace minerals, 12 vita-
mins and 22 amino acids. SeaMeal should be given twice a day,
and mixed with the morning and evening feeds. The body is made
up of 11 % trace minerals and 4 % vitamins.

SeaMeal also contains digestive enzymes, which improve the
digestibility of the food. As an Example: Solid Gold foods are more that 80 % digestible, but with the addition of SeaMeal, this increases to a
level of 92 % digestibility.and 6 essential fatty acids.

SeaMeal supplementation often helps prevent dogs from stool-
eating. SeaMeal helps to boost up the thymus and thyroid glands,
which control the immune, hormone and enzyme systems of the
body. Seameal helps to restore lost hair growth, intensify coat
color and particularly remove the red tinge that can affect black
coats in cats, and dogs such as Dobermans and Rottweilers, which
may be caused by an iron deficiency. It is also excellent for dogs
and cats with white coats.

Jessalyn Johnson -
I started my American Pitbull Terrier on Sea Meal and she did a complete turn around. She was just on her food and I added Sea Meal and she started gaining more energy, her fur was beutifull again and I didnt have to pick up as much out back! Its been the best desicion Ive ever made for her! Thanks Solid Gold!
Jessalyn Johnson and Gizmo!

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