Super shedder- Canidae kibble?

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Super shedder- Canidae kibble?

Postby gooeydog » Thu Feb 08, 2007 1:50 pm

A couple of months ago I convinced my mom to switch her dogs' dry food to Canidae (I'm paying the difference between it and the Pedigree dry she use to feed, though I can't convince her to switch them to a different canned food), and recently I've noticed that Haley is shedding a ton, all the time. It's like having a lab in the house, you pet her and white hair flies up all over the place, it's all over anywhere she lays. The other dogs' coats are not as bad, and all of them have "nicer" coats since the switch, thicker, shiner and smoother, but Haley's practically shedding a whole 'nother dog every day!

She's had some allergy issues recently (had been before the switch also, so I want to give time before trying a different food), and some kind of skin infection from that, which cleared up after a round of clavamox and some doxepin. She's still got some strange little spots of thin hair, but I'm thinking it may just be remnants from her horrendous allergy outbreak last month, so want to give time for regrowth before worrying. Other than that, her coat is good right now, it's super thick and much smoother than before, she gets compliments all the time about how soft her fur is. The main issue right now is all the shedding, I like to take her along when we go places she's allowed, and I can't take her into someone elses car if she's leaving a cloud of hair behind. She was a moderate shedder before the switch, then it decreased for about a month after the switch, and now this.

I'm just wondering if there's an end in sight, or if I should be looking for a new food for them.

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Postby cisom » Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:31 pm

Interesting question. I switched both of our dogs to Canidae from Merrick. The dogs loved the Merrick and their coats were really nice but after awhile Merrick didn't agree with them intestinally. I've noticed that my Pit mix is shedding more than she has in the past. The Canidae seems to be agreeing with them so I think I might start giving them salmon oil supplements.

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Postby Misskiwi67 » Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:55 pm

The days are just now starting to get longer... I'd wait it out and make sure its not seasonal. My own dog is starting to shed like crazy as well...

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Postby rednoseErnie » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:09 pm

Funny you mention it. Ernie eats Canidae as well, but hes eaten it for 6 years straight. He rarely sheds at all. But just yesterday I noticed him shedding. It must be a seasonal thing.

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