Having trouble isolating cause of skin problems...

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Having trouble isolating cause of skin problems...

Postby bellablue » Sun Oct 10, 2004 11:10 pm

Short history:
I posted way back about it, my female kept getting bad ear infections and began scratching her ears raw, also she was *constantly* licking her paws and had itchy/bumpy chin.
I thought I isolated it as a food allergy when I switched to raw food and then to Wellness fish and sweet potato and everything cleared up.
Everything was going fine but I ran switched to a different type of Wellness plus she got into my roommates nasty commercial dog food...everything came back and I have yet to clear it up again.
The Wellness does not work anymore and even raw food is not clearing up her skin. Her ears are very bad again, she licks her paws red, she has bumps on her chin again....I don't know what to do...
Only thing different is that she seems to have acquired some fleas from my roommates husky but I wouldn't imagine that would cause these exact issues to reappear.

Please add any input...my beautiful dog is so miserable and so am I...thanks in advance.


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Postby nessa » Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:05 am

She could also quite easily have atopy, which is airborne allergies. Hoover has that. Reoccuring ear infections, itchy paws, inflamed skin around his eyes, throat and muzzle, sometimes resulting in hair loss and licenification of the skin. A couple warty little bump growths on his chin.
He is prone to yeast infections of the skin, and secondary bacterial infections as well. I suggest seeing a derm specialist. We had Hoover on allergy shots up in Chicago, and it really helped, once they determined what his allergens were.
We had tried at least a year of food trials before that, to no avail, so he doesnt' have a food allergy. Good luck!!

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