! Non-Pitbull - puppy EMERGENCY. Help please... !

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Postby Sariss » Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:04 pm

Sorry, forgot to add. :(

I hope the pup is alright.

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Postby ~!Sasha!~ » Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:33 pm

Poor puppy. :(

My sister had a black Chihuahua-Rat Terrier mix puppy and she didn't live too long after she got her. The pup started off with bad fleas then not eating much to none at all then before she died she started having seizures and foaming at the mouth to the point where it blinded her. She would walk side-ways and into walls then one day she went to lay on her little bed and never woke up. One thing she learned was to NEVER ever get free puppies from local flea markets. Especially one's with no kind of background info. She put so much money into treating the dog but never had any results because she didn't know what ws the problem.

To DankInk: I hope the pup's doing well. I didn't right this to scare anyone I promise. Does your gf's mom have any background info on the pup's parents? Like any illnesses or genetic probs?


Postby DankInk » Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:39 pm

Hey guys...

Well thanks for all the responses and support. I didn't take offense to any of the comments or get bothered, I was just making sure I cleared things up. If the pup was in my hands, I wouldn't have even bothered posting here since I would have been at the vet.

That being said, here's the update.
Turns out that he ended up getting a concussion and was still dazed today. One pupil was dilated while the other was not. The gf's mom took him to a different vet that the Dr she spoke with last night referred her to. She was giving the pup a few drops of tylenol or children's tylenol (one of those), which the Dr from last night suggested she do. But the vet from this morning told her that he (last night's Dr) shouldn't have suggested that since that's almost like poison for the puppy.
They gave the puppy a shot for pain relief and to reduce swelling. We're hoping he recovers ok since they said that the only long-term injury he could be left with is epilepsy, which we definitely hope he won't get. Other than that, they say he should recover ok, but that's the only thing we're looking out for. We'll only be able to tell as time passes.

Regarding the pup's parent's history, no she doesn't know anything really. My gf and I went down to visit her last weekend so we were there when she bought him at a swapmeet. There was this 17 year old kid walking around with 2 puppies and his gf was walking with a 3rd puppy, offering them to people. My gf's mom was interested in one of them, but turns out that he was sold already. So she bought the other 2 puppies to prevent them from being seperated.
The kid said he has a bunch of chihuaha pups at home since his family owns quite a few adults I guess. That's the only background we know of.
My gf's mom has an adult female chihuaha at the moment that has had a few litters in the past, so I guess they wanted to find the mom some company.

That's about all the info I know on the situation. Hopefully everything turns out. Thanks for all the help "internet friends"! :thumbsup:

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Postby LindsaySF » Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:57 pm

Poor puppy. Hope he's ok. :sad:

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