Holly Berries

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Holly Berries

Postby killeenpits » Sun Jun 03, 2007 4:06 pm

Okay, I know that Holly berries are poisonous to dogs. Well, a friend of mine had just bought her house and it had a holly bush in the back yard. She never figured the dogs would go by it or mess with it, but one of her dogs ended up eating several and got really sick. The vet put him on a soft food sensitive stomach diet(by Science Diet I think) for several weeks. Well, whenever she tries to take him off of it and put him on anything else he gets really sick again, no matter how long she switches over. Both of us have looked online and asked people, but no one knows what to do about it. Can someone please help? :crybaby:

Right now he's eating approximately five cups of this stuff a day just to maintain his weight and it's getting really expensive! I'm not sure what she normally feeds him, but it's not pedigree or anything like that.

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Postby egostang » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:05 am

How fast was she switching him back to his old food? What WAS his old food?

I would say try it VERY gradually, like over the course of 2 weeks. Or switch him to something that is easy on the stomch like a lamb and rice formula, but still over a long period of time.

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