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Postby pocketpit » Sun Oct 31, 2004 5:41 pm

Can't help you, sorry. All I use or have ever used are human electric treadmills and none of them seemed to have any problems while I owned them and I don't think one was better than the other. Although for experienced treadmill dogs I like the ones that come with an incline. Then I can raise the incline to increase the workout. I can tell you that phone books make a good item for raising the incline even further or in the case of a treadmill without that option, creates a good incline.


Re: Treadmill opinions/reviews

Postby jmann4 » Sun Oct 31, 2004 7:44 pm

littlefoot wrote:I have a couple questions for you treadmillers! I am curious what you guys have heard or experienced with different treadmills. I want to purchase one in the very near future, and I would like some opinions on….

• Pro’s & Con’s about certain brands/types
• How long or short they have lasted
• Maintenance problems
• Customer satisfaction/service or lack there of with differing suppliers/makers
• Ones you would recommend or not
• What type of treadmill is best and why OR worse and why
• Any thing else that might be helpful in my quest


I would recommend a carpet mill. Slate mills are a bit more expensive and one of the problems I've heard about them is the toe nails can slip down in between the slates and get torn off. Ouch!

Grand Carpet Mills, seem to be the best value for the money. Here's some pics of Stitch on one. ... titchs+toy

Colby also makes a decent mill. About $100-$150 more than Grand Carpet mills.

I would recomend Grand Carpet mills. I haven't owned one myself but from what I've heard from those who have them and have tried others they like them much better. Last a long time as well.

Hope this helps.


Postby JaquelineC » Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:37 pm

I've had a Grand Carpet Mill for a couple of weeks now - The only mill I've ever used, so I can't compare it to anything...

It works great, not too much resistance, but not so slick that the dog can't stand still. I'd almost go for more resistance if I could, since it seems like Deegan only goes zero or sixty on it - Not much of an in-between really, but that could be more him than the mill.

It's incline adjustable, and you can adjust where the dog is held in place on the mill (further forward or backwards).

I love it - But I haven't used anything else. I'm just beyond stoked to have my very own mill!

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