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Shelby is finally fixed but now won't eat her food?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:48 pm
by MyBluePit
I have a 8 1/2 month old Bully and just got her fixed. Now she doesn't want to eat her kibble, so far I've tried NV Chicken then the Salmon and Brown rice and also tried Barking at the Moon. She doesn't want to eat kibble yet will inhale grilled chicken or grilled burgers meat and eats eggs every morning. I tried adding Grizzly Salmon oil to her kibble that didn't work. She seems only interested in human food now and not her food (did fine before her surgery) and can't figure out why. I have noticed she has or at least looks like hemroid (no blood that I can see but looks like a small white pimple near her butt hole [sometimes have to wipe off extras :oops: ) and don't seem to poop as much (couple of drops with some struggle to come out). Wife suspect constipation due to meds possibly. Doesn't seem like a fever (not warm anywhere) and her ears are very clean. Am I heading back to the vet?? Or is this normal after being fixed?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:54 pm
by AriesGodofWar
When was she fixed? I know the meds will definately constipate her. As for the food, it sounds like she has learned that if she does not eat her kibble, she gets people food instead. Not a good habit to get into.

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:57 pm
by Libby
AriesGodofWar wrote:When was she fixed? I know the meds will definately constipate her. As for the food, it sounds like she has learned that if she does not eat her kibble, she gets people food instead. Not a good habit to get into.

I agree. Did you spoil her with treats and human food when she got back? It sounds like she has learned that if she doesn't eat her kibble, she will get chicken and hamburger.

Put her bowl down, leave it for 15 minutes, then take it away. Try again next feeding time. She will eat when she gets hungry enough.


Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:01 pm
by MyBluePit
This past Friday, she was eating her food just fine before the surgery and just stopped completely. I've been giving her human food just so she could eat and recover in a timely fashion. She has not received any human food today except for the eggs I make her every day (1 egg). She hasn't eaten since except for treats for doing what we ask of her (3 times today that I know of). I figured this may just be a waiting game that came from left field.

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:04 pm
by MyBluePit
Also she has had her bowl with food (NV Salmon/brown rice) for 3 days with salmon oil and hasn't touched it. So I placed a separate plate with food and no salmon oil (figured she didn't like the smell) but mixed in eggs and she eat the eggs with some food. The rest is just sitting there.

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:05 pm
by Libby
Well, if I were I would stop giving her the treats. Reward her with pieces of her kibble. Mix the egg in with some kibble when you feed her in the morning. Basically, force her to eat her kibble. I go on spurts where I will feed my dogs RAW for several days, and when I go back to kibble, they don't want it. So the food goes away after 15 minutes, and they don't eat. They get the chance to eat what I'm giving them again next meal time, and same thing happens. The longest that any of my dogs have ever not eaten was three meals. She were very hungry by the time She decided to eat the kibble.


Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:08 pm
by MyBluePit
Ketra wrote:
AriesGodofWar wrote:When was she fixed? I know the meds will definately constipate her. As for the food, it sounds like she has learned that if she does not eat her kibble, she gets people food instead. Not a good habit to get into.

I agree. Did you spoil her with treats and human food when she got back?


No, only after we noticed she hadn't eaten anything so we tried chicken right of the grill the next day. Less the a minute is was gone and looking for more. Since I wanted her body to have the energy to recover I kept it up until yesterday night. Told my wife no more human food period and see what happens. Should I not give her an egg in the mornings anymore either?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:13 pm
by AriesGodofWar
Ket is right, Shelby will not allow herself to starve when food is available (just not her preferred type). It is hard, and you may be worried, but you have to be strong, knock it off with all the treats, give her no other option than to eat HER food. Pups are just like human babies. I have an 11 month old, and she constantly "tests" me. She gets it from her mother. The first time I show weakness, I pay for it then on. After months of never having a single issue with bedtime, she decided to see if she screamed for an hour and a half straight, if she would be able to come into my bed. About 12:30am I gave in as I had to be up at 6am. Needless to say, it took a week of dealing with the same to break the habit from the fact I let my vigilance down just one night. Not to anthropomorphize too much, but I think the pup is testing your limits.

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:19 pm
by Libby
lol I'm reading back over my posts and, wow! I have horrible typing skills! I think the words and forget to type them!

It will be hard, especially if your dog is a whiner/beggar. She will sigh, moan, groan, give you puppy eyes, but in the end it work out.


Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:39 pm
by MyBluePit
The gloves are off **Al Bundy voice on** Lets Rock **Al Bundy voice off**
Ketra she's not a whiner but a sad puppy looker and loves to put her head on out knee and give us the sad puppy look with the occasional light nudge with her nose. But I like a good challenge.

So this (not eating food) has nothing to do with the constipation right? (need to show my wife this thread so she knows I'm not pulling this info out my arse lol)[/b]

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:58 am
by beckerhead
Dogs are dogs, when they get hungry they will eat. I have friends and they LOVE to tell me how their dog will ONLY eat "blah blah brand" dog food. I just laugh and tell how stupid they are, because dogs are one of the most adaptable mammalian scavengers on the planet. Your dog will gladly eat YOU if it gets hungry enough. Just be patient, and it will work out. :thumbsup:

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:31 am
by Timas Mom
Constipation shouldn't last more than 2 days. Your vet should offer a free check ( quick drop in) if you think its realted to her spay. Also I'd mention the hemmeroid and see if they noticed at surgery time.

If she has any pain meds, like Metacam it can put her off food. I would be consitant about the kibble and reuce treats.
My only concern is the constipation. If its lasted longer than 2 days postop I'd call the vet and see what they say.

Good luck with the cutey!

vet check

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:54 am
by jewelsdaddy
I would definitely swing in at the vet and have him/her take a look! It shouldn't cost anything since you believe it is related to the spay. Or at least give them a call! Plus it will make you feel more at ease!

P.S- I believe that Solid Gold Barking At The Moons protein levels are too high for young dogs. So, something to consider. Maybe someone else can back me up on this. That dog food is intended for a high performance dog. Too much protein not utilized can effect the kidneys.

Good Luck with your baby!

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:32 am
by MyBluePit
Called the vet and we're taking her in tomorrow morning.

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:00 am
by MyBluePit
O.K (thank God) she doesn't have hemorrhoids(sp?) it's just a pimple like thingy. He did a quick anal probe to check if she's constipated and she isn't, he thinks her abdominals are still sore and may be hurting her while trying to do her duty. He recommended mineral oil to lubricate the area and make it easier on her. Also he wants her to eat while recovering so if that means human food so be it, he said better something then nothing right now. So I stopped by the pet food store and spoke with the nutritionists there. She said she would use the mineral oil as a last resort and just increasing the Salmon oil (would do the same thing) and add a wet food to loosen up the stool. She said the mineral oil will get her loose but it's stopping it might take some time. I picked up some Innova chicken and beef can food she she inhaled them. So for now I'll spring for the canned food for a week, then fight her to eat the dry food again later. The nutritionists thinks the anesthesia probably messed with her taste buds which is why she completely stopped eating her dry food. She did agree give in now just so her body has the energy to recover. Thanks every one for the help :thumbsup: