puking his kibble, refusing to eat any of it.

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puking his kibble, refusing to eat any of it.

Postby makedonce78 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:55 am

I searched the forum for the "puking" threads, but I think this is a bit different, so please bear with me and give me your 2 cents

I had Vuk successfully on TW kibble and NV raw, separated the meals of course. So, 3 days ago, I woke up to find a small pile of grass and a small round bone (from his recreational lamb femur bone) puked out. I thought nothing of it. Then yesterday morning he puked out his Lamb and Apple TW kibble (I thought maybe cuz he inhaled it). Next meal, I mixed the kibble with water and didnt give him much, he still puked it few hours later. Its not gagging, it just comes out of his mouth and its partially or not at all digested. His energy was extremely low those days (I figured I wanted to give him a break from raw, so I fed him only kibble. I crushed those freeze dried NV medallions in his bowl to lure him to eat the kibble)

So, last night I boiled some chicken breast and rice and he ate it without the puking. This morning I tried the kibble again. He would not even smell it. Gave him boiled chicken and rice again and he ate good and his energy is back. He is about 14 weeks old.

My question is this: Do you guys think him getting the kibble out of his stomach is a protest against it? Should I drop the kibble and feed him only raw? Cuz I thought that maybe he doesnt like the TW (he refused to eat his TW Elk too) and I tried the NV kibble with no success

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Postby meginok » Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:09 am


I don't feed any raw, so I'm no help there. I do want to share one little thing, just because it could end up being important (or could end up meaning nothing in your case).

We'd had Abbie Lou (about 10 mo old at the time) for around 3 weeks when she began to vomit. About every other meal at first, and then CHRONICALLY (if she ate it, it came up). Her vomiting was related to an allergy or intolerance to rice, which was in the two different kibbles we tried.

So one possibility is that it's not kibble, per se, that is causing vomiting, but an ingredient in the kibble.

Good luck figuring it out!!!

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