how much should i be paying

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how much should i be paying

Postby mmartin6739 » Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:26 pm

how much should i be paying to get my puppie spayed? iv used this vet for all of her shots and check ups but 350 seemed a little steep. what do you think? this is my first pup so i dont know if this is a good price. i also dont want to change vets because i like this one

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Postby concreterose » Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:01 pm

You could call the humane society in your area...sometimes they do it cheaper than vets. $350 seems a lot for spaying, but a lot of vets charge by the weight of the animal. In my area (Michigan) it's from $130 on up.

There is also a progrom some vets participate in called Spay USA. I found out about it by doing a search on spaying. Try searching from Hope this helps.

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Postby BullyBud » Thu Feb 26, 2004 7:42 pm

Beware of some of those "low cost" spay clinics. Some are good but some are horrible....kind of like assembly line spaying, sloppy work, and sometimes less that quality products(like suture).

I know some H.S. spay programs are good but research. $350 seems high, my vet is $180 but I dont mind paying for someone I trust.


Postby jmann4 » Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:08 pm

I paid $300 for the operation. So $350 sounds reasonable.

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Postby moto1320 » Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:19 pm

A rescue or humane society can give you a better price, and consider how many of these they do a day. Every single animal that comes through the door. 150.00 plus some donations of much needed supplies (paper towels, surgical gloves, rawhide, toys, etc...they'll have a wish list) will still save you a hundred bucks and help out. I have never heard of a spay "clinic" per se, but that does sound scetchy.


Postby valliesong » Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:26 pm

i agree - talk to your local humane societies/spcas/animal control facilities about their prices and procedures. ask them what vet they use, and contact the vet to ask him/her about the procedure, and in what way the low cost procedure varies from the regular one. also, talk to other dog/cat owners you know, and find out where they had their pets altered, and what they paid.

there is no reason not to use a low cost clinic, as long as it is a good clinic and your pup has no health issues. usually the vet that performs the surgery is an area vet who either volunteers his/her services at a reduced rate or has a contract with the low cost clinic.

charges will depend on the weight of the dog. low cost spay surgery around here cost between $75 and $120 for dogs. other areas are cheaper or more expensive.

another option is spay/neuter vouchers that may be available in your area. they act as a coupon that many area vets, quite possibly your own, will honor. again, contact your local animal groups.


Postby PitBullMama » Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:31 pm

Our local shelter gives certificates for local vets (the one I use, and I know he is family has been using him for 20 years) if you call and tell them you recently adopted. We got one for Buck, my parent's pit, for $125.


Postby pocketpit » Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:19 am

Ask your regular vet what is included in the price. My guess is that that fee includes pre-anesthetic blood work, IV fluids, ect. Many clinics include that in their quotes, but don't make the extras mandantory. If they insist on having it done, call around and find someone who doesn't.


Postby L0wRaNGeR » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:25 pm

i got my pup spayed for 150 at my local vet...seems about average price for this area...

i'd check around. 350 seems a bit high to me.


Postby wndrtwns04 » Fri Mar 12, 2004 3:25 pm

My Sam has an undescended teste and Banfield Hospital/Petsmart quoted 400.00-600.00! I contacted a spay/neuter clinic in my area and they said 77.00 per incision depending on how many cuts it takes to find it. It's April 22 so wish me good luck!

PS I am actually kind of ticked because I adopted him from a rescue at 12 weeks and they should have known right?

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Postby elegy » Fri Mar 12, 2004 11:02 pm

it's about $350 for a spay where i work for a 20-40 lb dog. that includes hospital, anesthesia, surgery, and a fentanyl pain patch, but not pre-op bloodwork.


Postby MustangGT » Sat Mar 13, 2004 10:11 am

I think $350 is way too much. I work at an animal hospital and we are very reputable. We do charge by the animals weight, but none of our spays cost over $200. We get phone calls all the time from people checking around on prices. One person told me they were quoted $450 for a spay! And if your hospital is quoting you $350 bc of bloodwork, iv fluids, and such, it really isn't necessary bc its such a low risk procedure. I'd check around some more.

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Postby damienApbt » Wed Mar 17, 2004 1:31 am

some animal shelters in my area offer discount vouchers for spay/neutering. it costs $15 for the voucher and you get a pretty good discount too. you can take the voucher to your vet and they'll give you a discount. i thought it was a great idea, it encourages people to support their local animal shelter and to get their pets fixed. the only problem is finding the vets that accept the voucher but the shelters always provide a list.


Postby Jeff » Mon Mar 22, 2004 12:35 am

In Los Angeles you can get a voucher from your local shelter to get your pet spayed at a spay clinic (city-sponsored) if you provide them with tax documents stating you made less than $30,000 a year. It costs $60-100 depending on the size of your animal.
I was thorougly unimpressed with one of the vets at the clinic who I spoke with. I just got a funny vibe from him when discussing anaesthesia and Akitas.
My 7 year old needs to be spayed, and I only trust 3 vets with her life. The prices quoted were from $310-450.
And I will have to agree to disagree with you on the issue of bloodwork, MustangGT. It might not be necessary for most dogs, but I would not dream of letting my 7-year old go through surgery without all work done before. It's going to cost me extra $$$, but I dont see it as money wasted.

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Postby mydogroxy » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:40 pm

you can also see if your vet accepts friends of animals certificates. how it works is, you buy a certificate from friends of animals (around $80 i think) and they pay for the surgery itself (you pay for any other costs incurred). if your vet accepts it, you'll be saving some cashola. the website is

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