Winter coat.

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Winter coat.

Postby love for ba brody » Wed Jan 02, 2008 6:57 pm

I've actually never owned a short haired dog before.

So my question is, do they get a longer thicker coat in the winter?

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Postby MikeInTacoma » Sun Jan 06, 2008 3:53 am

I've been wondering the same thing. Even though it doesn't get really cold here, I've seen Rufus shivering a few times (so I tucked a small $5 fleece blanket under his harness, which seemed to warm him up enough). To my surprise though, on our recent trip, he loved romping in the snow in Montana, even without the blanket. But then, he really loved getting back in the kennel with the blankets, too.

His coat hasn't gotten longer since fall, but it feels fuller somehow. Thinking back to last spring, he did shed an awful lot -- short, dark hairs all over the couch... I'm guessing that there's individual variation. In general, Pit Bulls are never going to do well in the Iditarod -- they just don't have the coat for seriously cold winters; but to some degree, it seems like on Rufus anyway, there's kind of a heavier winter coat.

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Postby Allie » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:27 am

I have heard people here say that their dogs do. Mine do not, however. I have been paying close attention.

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Postby Amie » Sun Jan 06, 2008 7:40 am

Oscar doesn't. Fortunately he loves clothing, and thinks he looks adorable in it all (and he does!) so putting a coat on him is a pretty easy fix.

The other day we had a cold snap and I didn't have the heat inside where the cats and dog would have liked (frankly, since I live north of the equator, I'm not sure I could ever have the heat where the cats would be satisfied, but the dog is pretty easy going). Oscar came to wake me up and all his fur was standing on end. It was like hugging someone who's growing in a beard RIGHT when it gets soft again. It was very cute.

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