Always hungry

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Always hungry

Postby Flex » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:33 pm

Hi all,

I have been trying Flex out on Orijen adult and he eats it but seems to want more than the 2-3 cups per day suggested. I give him 1.5 cups mixed with a table spoon of canned, twice a day and he always wants more!

I will sometimes give him another half a cup after our last walk ~9pm. This doesnt include all the little snacks/treats throughout the day.

I thought they were not supposed to not eat as much on these high quality/high protein foods???

We walk him 2-4 times per day for a total of 1-3 hours per day minimum (more on weekends) with a back pack but due to BSL he never gets to run off leash so theres not much high intensity exercise. He is very lean (you can see his ribs) but this is how he came to us and he was on Eukanuba before. Not sure if its due to the Orijen or the back pack but he is putting on muscle in his shoulders/legs.

Should I find a level that he seems full at or stay with 3-3.5 cups per day?


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Postby rgyoung777 » Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:17 pm

Most dogs are opportunistic eaters.

That means that when food is provided, they will usually eat it, even if they are not particularly hungry, or even if they've already had plenty of food.

This is one of the reasons that free-feeding, or leaving food available for a dog usually leads to a fat dog.

If you want your dog to maintain his weight, and his activity level is not changing, feed the amount that he maintains his weight on. If you want him to lose weight, increase activity and decrease food (slightly). If you want him to gain, feed more.

But don't gauge the amount you should feed by your dog's willingness to eat what he is given, or his willingness to continue eating even after he's finished his meal. Most dogs will be willing to keep on eating even when they don't need it.

This comes from the relative scarcity of food in the wild. For wild dogs, food is not a predictable thing, either in quantity or frequency, so dogs gorge when there is a lot of food to make up for the possible lack of food in the future. Though they are domesticated, most dogs have kept this instinct to gorge, even though the availability of food is predictable in terms of quantity and frequency.

My dog is a healthy weight and gets 2 cups of Nature's Variety prairie food per day. She'd eat much, much more than that if given the chance. Your dog is eating a good food, and he likes it. Of course he's going to want more of it. If he is healthy and not losing weight, do not feed him more. You'll only make him fat.

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Postby Nicki » Fri Jan 18, 2008 9:46 pm

I. like you. always wondered if I was feeding my dog enough food (1 and 1/2 cups twice daily of Timberwolf) because he would pitifully lick and paw at his bowl at the end of each feeding. I got the chance to see how much he could eat at one sitting when he snuck into the pantry and ate a box of raisins. I needed him to vomit, so I figured I would let him eat as much as he wanted, then run him around the yard until he puked (this was before I learned about the hydrogen peroxide trick). I had to stop him at 7 cups because I thought he would explode. Well, he did spew like Mt Vesuvius, and do you know what? He went right back to his bowl to look for more food! Never again will I let that sweet face lead me to believe I'm starving him!

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