Is she in good shape for her age?

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Is she in good shape for her age?

Postby falldeepintoxen » Fri May 30, 2008 11:03 pm

Xen is 10 months old now. I've been trying to be consistent about taking her into a myriad of different places, with different smells, people, etc.

Her weight fluctuates between 37 and 40 lbs.

She has a few play dates with various dogs, and with the exception of those who own bullies(APBT or otherwise), the owners of these dogs have commented on her physical shape. Not only that, but wherever we go, people comment on her. Usually, it's 'oh, she's so pretty' 'oh she's so sweet' etc., but then they eventually decide that it's time to inform me that she is, in fact, too skinny, and I must be pushing her too hard, forcing her into some exercise regime and not feeding her enough.

Xen gets fed Canidae(supp. with fish oil), about 2 cups a day, and sometimes, she'll leave some in the bowl.
Her 'exercise'...uh, well, we go on walks at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week. They are usually about 5 miles round trip, and she's never overly tired unless she's been playing with a doggie friend. Other than that, I play fetch with her in the back yard for about a half hour every day, and the game is pretty perpetual because she's addicted to her tennis ball. So, we'll continue the game inside(probably not setting her up to succeed in that, though :oops: )

Anywho, I'm going to ask you guys(Oh, pit bull gurus!) because I want to make sure I'm not missing anything...sometimes, it's hard for me to tell what her overall physically condition is like because I see her ever waking hour, essentially. Is this the appropriate condition for her?

Ack! Sorry for the rant.

Here are the pics, taken today whilst she was in battle with the vacuum hose:





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Postby formaximus » Fri May 30, 2008 11:14 pm

I think she looks really good! She has a very adorable face and in tht last pic looks to be pretty muscular. Maximus is getting there too, he is almost 7 months old but he's around 57lbs. lol

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Postby Wesam » Sat May 31, 2008 12:32 am

She is adorable and looks like my little disaster.

Paris's weight fluctuates as well between 37 and 41. She is two years old almost.

Your dog looks like she is in very good shape. I can see some ribs and it looks like she gets exercise.

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Postby amelie » Sat May 31, 2008 1:26 am

i think she looks good. people are just so used to seeing fat dogs, they think that is what they are supposed to look like. when anyone says my dogs are too thin, i just flash them a bit of my side and say"you can see more of my ribs than you can see on the dog" i am by no means "skinny" i am in decent shape and have very little extra fat (except on my rear side) usually shuts them up, and they see my point. now my cats on the other hand are a bit hefty (i really need to slim them down a little) but they won't swim, or fetch or play frisbee.......

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Postby crazy4pits » Sat May 31, 2008 5:47 am

She looks good. I have been getting the skinny comment lately also, Gizmo has been playing hard now that it is nice out and warming up. So he has worked off all those extra treats the people have been feeding him at work.....LOL

I get the comment alot about my Golden, she is a little thing at 1 yr 6 months and not one of those fat over weight ones that everybody is used to seeing. You know the ones where no one does anything with their dogs. My Golden is addicted to the tennis ball and will go for hours if we let her chasing the damn thing.

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Postby Amie » Sat May 31, 2008 7:17 am

She's on the thin side, but I wouldn't say she's too skinny.

I agree that people are used to fat dogs. You get used to one way and the other looks odd (I know several pit bulls that look like very cute pudgy sausages to me, because I'm used to Oscar)

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Postby Luvabully » Sat May 31, 2008 7:43 am

I think she looks great! I agree with everyone who said that people are so used to seeing fat dogs that when they see a lean muscular dog they think it's too thin. Keep doing what you're doing and your dog will have a longer, happier, healthier life than the overfed, underexercised dogs that people have become accustomed to seeing.

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Postby GoingPostal » Sat May 31, 2008 7:55 am

She's thin but doesn't look to be starving by any stretch, it might just be a youth phase too with her growing. As long as her weight isn't dropping I wouldn't be too concerned, I know in the summer now that we can go out and exercise I have to up food consumption for my dog about a cup a day or she gets scrawny fast. In the winter she just sits around so I have to really limit her diet.

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Postby merriterrier » Sat May 31, 2008 9:38 am

She looks fine, a little lean, but not unhealthy. As she matures and her metabolism evens out she should look a bit less thin. Django is almost 2 and he has finally started to not look so skinny. He is an active guy and I noticed that he looked the same on 4C of Canidae as he did on 6C a day, I think a lot of it has do do with genetics.

Many people over feed their dogs and are not really aware of what a dog should look like at an appropriate weight. My Aunt is always telling me how my dogs are starving to death, while hers look like end tables.


Postby falldeepintoxen » Sat May 31, 2008 12:06 pm

Thanks guys for your input!

I see her every day, and she looks okay to me. She's thin, but doesn't want for food. When we're traveling about this summer, I will definitely try and increase her food intake. Right now, though, she'll just leave some food behind if I try to feed her more. :dunno:

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