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Postby PackLeader » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:03 am

We have never had a problem with fleas or ticks... until this week :frown:

In the last three days we found a tick on the couch, one on Simon's ear, and this one on Zoey's neck... (I think I'm going to have this one stuffed and mounted )


Are ticks "bad" this year???

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Postby tbluverjumper » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:09 am

I know right where you are, I used to live in sacramento. I am amazed you never had problems with ticks before, my grandma lived in your area and used to get them on her dogs all the time. It is prime time of year for them, especially in all the dry tall grass. I did even find them on my dads golden retriever in the city to so I would guess they might be a little worse than usual this year, as she had never gotten them before either.

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Postby tigger » Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:25 pm

Use Frontline. If you do not have cats, Canine Advantix is better. The Advantage products not only kill the fleas on your pet, but also in the areas surrounding your pet. There was research done that showed that a flea infested house would be flea free within three months just by using Advantage or Canine Advantix on your pets. Advantage does not kill ticks, only Canine Advantix does.

13 yrs as a groomer has told me this - Fleas and ticks can end up on your dog at any time of the year. In Jan. & Feb. it is least likely (here in NY) but it happens. Animals should be treated monthly from March through December at the very least.

You can reduce the risk of fleas in your yard by making sure that all leaves are cleaned up in the fall. Fleas use the heat from decaying leaves to survive the winter. Fleas also love dirt. If there are patches of dirt in the yard, fleas will be there. Ticks are simply resiliant. Keep grass mowed. Tall grass is a haven for them. You can also see about getting the trees sprayed. Out here, the pesticides are non-toxic, or so the tree guy for the peeps up the road told me. They don't even wear masks anymore.


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