Has anyones dog attacked a human?

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Has anyones dog attacked a human?

Postby ogionikone » Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:13 am

I just thought i would ask, how many people have dogs here that have attacked people?

i know A LOT of people with pitbulls, BYB's, entusiasts, people who just rescuded them, found them, bought them for looks.

not one of them has a dog thats attacked someone, pitbulls, rottweilers, huskies/malamutes, dobermans etc..

I truly belive that pitbulls especially who do that are raised wrong.

But i go to another forum and all this guy does is post "pitbull" attack news stories in this threat i started about pits a while back.

I even said, i wonder out of how many dogs you post about actually were raised right, and he said he didnt care etc..

it sucks, he posts SO many horrible stories, it starts to make you wonder...

Does anyone own a pit that has attacked someone? or any dog for that matter?

my sheperd/bassat mix attacked like 6-7 people, my pitbull hasnt attacked anything except a cat.

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Postby TigerLady » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:21 am

I have four pibbles. 1 femaled age 5 years, one female age 4 years, 2 rescue pups now age 7 months.

None of them have ever attacked, bitten, or even nipped anyone. I have had my (4 y/o) female snarl at a man on 2 separate occasions.

Both times this man was holding her forcefully by the head (one hand on either side of her cheek) and squatting down at her face level staring her in the face. BOTH times I warned him DO NOT DO THAT!!! as soon as I caught him at it. Even though she growled and showed her teeth, she did not offer to bite. The second time he did it, I actually kicked him in the butt - and I was wearing steel toed shoes at the time. I really did not mean to kick him so hard, but he never has grabbed her by her head since, and she has not shown her teeth to anyone since. He is also now forbidden to come into this house.

This is a dog that when she was two, our drunken (ex) next door neighbor broke into our back yard and beat her about the head & body with a baseball bat because she was "barking". He broke her upper jaw and occipital ridge + caused severe deep bruising on many parts of her body. She does NOT like having her head held by anyone she does not know very, very well (hubby and I can + our kids and grand kids can handle her head with no issues).

One would think given her history of abuse at a strange man's hands, that she would have eaten the young man's face off when he was holding her head in a vice grip - but she did not. She snarled at him.


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Postby ogionikone » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:51 am

jesus christ.

even after getting beaten with A BASEBALL BAT, the most she has done is snarl. pitbulls, they never cease to amaze..

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Postby A-Ron » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:51 am

our drunken (ex) next door neighbor broke into our back yard and beat her about the head & body with a baseball bat because she was "barking".

I have heard of people's neighbors doing dumb things like this on this site from time to time. I have no idea what I would do if my neighbor did this, I would definitely be weighing the pros and cons between calling the cops and taking my own sweet revenge on them.

My dog has not biten anyone. however when we are outside at night, if someone walks by in the darkness there is definitely some barking going on.

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Postby Belle*a*rina » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:04 am

My male pit, Buster, lunged at our new neighbor through the fence. He was outside with my dad, talking to the neighbor. I wasn't there but was told he didn't show any signs (which I would have seen, even the slightest amount of sitffness or staring) and just lunged into the fence. Not with his mouth open or anything, but now my neighbor is terrified of them. Buster hasn't had any issues since.

Lunging is bad enough though.

I used to have a Lab-x that was seriously an unpredictable little arse. He'd bitten me a few times. He was a really cute mix and he'd use it to his advantage. He would look all cute and innocent with his tale wagging and run up to people and just as they'd put their hand out to pet him he would freak out. Barking and snapping with his hackles up immediately. Even though he had his muzzle on, he was still able to bite my nephew's fingers. I was not there for that either. Also, people would be petting him. He'd be all sweet and lovable and suddenly snap at their hands.

However, I don't believe my lab-x was raised properly. He was my first dog after the age of 10. My husband at the time didn't want him going to dog park or obedience classes, etc. He thought socialization wasn't necessary for a lab mix. My ex also let him roam around the front yard without a leash on when they were outside together. He was the biggest menace.

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Postby poopster » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:39 am

Honey has never "attacked" anyone. But I know that she would protect her family, myself, daughter, the cats and my other dog if anyone tried to harm us. She pays attention to everything around her and knows when a noise or person is not "right". If we are out walking an a shady scum kind of guy walks up to us she will put herself between me and the person firmly and hold her ground until I say its ok. If I dont say its ok she will hold until the person is gone. I am ok with this because she is a stable sound dog who has been worked with since she was a baby......I keep her safe and she will keep us safe. But I trust her to be a sweet love with any person, child or baby we know or friendly people we meet.

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Postby Obed » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:49 am

I am afraid that if I had a dog who bit a human with out provocation, I would have to put that dog down. I expect a dog to defend the people he loves and would not punish him for that, but just being aggressive should not be tolerated, too many of them are around because of BYB's as it is.

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Postby Sailboat » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:24 am

Neither of our dogs have ever shown any human aggression, except Simone giving a warning bark at the threatening silhouette of a mummy someone put in their front window on Halloween.

Sadie (AmStaff mix) *might* try to defend us against an attacker, unless that attacker dropped a piece of paper -- she's afraid of falling items, even a credit card falling off a nightstand.

Simone would probably run behind me -- she's very submissive to people. But sometimes I wonder -- she gets brave when Sadie barks at another dog. Maybe she would face someone attacking her pack. Hrm.


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Postby sueb » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:13 am

TigerLady wrote:
This is a dog that when she was two, our drunken (ex) next door neighbor broke into our back yard and beat her about the head & body with a baseball bat because she was "barking". He broke her upper jaw and occipital ridge + caused severe deep bruising on many parts of her body.

That's horrible! I know this is OT, but was he prosecuted? :po:

Our first pit, Socks, was owned by a family of BYBs. They told my husband (then boyfriend) they were going to put her down if he didn't take her because she had bitten two people. Then, they offered him a broom stick with the brush part sawed off. They said, "If you take her, you can have this. This is what we hit her with when she's bad." So he took her. Socks fell in love with him at first sight. Then the idiot (whom I love dearly lol ) came to pick me up from work with a year old pit bull in the back seat of my car who was growling at me. It took a few months, but Socks eventually learned to love me, too. She was never trustworthy around other adults, but she loved children and was great with our second pit, Zeus, my shepherd mix, Jacob, and all of our other pets. We had her for 11 years, until she died of cancer last August.

She was our introduction to pit bulls! lol

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Postby myskja » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:31 am

Attacked? Kell doesn't even growl, let alone bark.

Worst. Guard dog. Ever.

I tell him all the time it's a good thing his appearance intimidates people, because really, it's our only defense. lol

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Postby ewwies » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:15 am

nope.. and i always wonder if it came down to it.. would my dog protect me? roflmao

i really highly doubt it.

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Postby IamNicki » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:27 am

The only thing Tyson has so much as barked at is a dog on tv and his own reflection in the mirror.

He is only 8.5 months old, but all he's good for are kisses.

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Postby BellaBlue » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:58 am

the worst mine do is bark. someone comes near the fence, they bark till they stick their hand over the fence. then butt wiggles and the whole nine yards start. that is, unless they have evil intent. one of the few times that i had turned my back for a minute to go put some trash in the can, blue (my male) bounced off the fence at my former neighbors girlfriend. i ran around the front of the house and threw the phone down as i went. opened the door to her with her arms held back from the fence with a suprised look on her face. she asked if my little dogs were chihuahuas and i said yeah. then she asked if there was a female amoung the three and if they were for sale. i answered her with a polite yes and no as i pulled them all into the house. At the time, blue was at the most five months old. If he hadn't thrown a fit like he did, i imagine that the woman woulda reached over the fence and tried to snatch one of my dogs up. Couple weeks later she showed up with a new dog.

That is the only time that either of them have shown a bit of anger. even then i don't consider that to be the worst thing ever. he was protecting his area. i have beware of dog signs up ALL over my fence, damn near on every post. I know what blue could do if he so decided and i very rarely let them out alone. i even had to put up a privacy fence on the back yard because the current tenants of the house next door have a four year old that they leave unsupervised. i caught him runnin up and down my fence giggling and taunting blue and bella. Now, blue and bella love kids, but it had to have been the teasing that set them off. Course, i have some issues with them anyway and i know that they are pickin up on my vibes.

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Postby lipshipsattitude » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:18 pm

Rory bit my ex-boyfriend when she was only 7 months and it required him to get 7 stitches.
He came home one night drunk and didnt have his key. He climbed in the kitchen window and I called out at least 5 times "Is that you, hello"
He didnt answer me and I was getting so scared I was sweating. Rory was growling at the foot of the bed as I was shaking. He started coming down the hallway and I called out 2 more times. He fell but it made a horrbily scary noise and thats when she took off the bed and bit the hell out of his shin. She didnt "attack", she bit then retreated.
Aside from that he was really rotten to her the first couple of months of her life. He and I had a voltaile relationship and my stomach would churn when he came home, even as a pup she would shake when he came home.
We had a huge half pipe in our back yard and he would try and hit her with his skate board, he would literally push her off the furniture and rip her out of my arms.
She has never showed human aggression other then that.

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Postby MsPsychotic » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:51 pm

I have only ever owned two 'pitbulls' in my adult life.
We had one when I was growing up, a family pet. She never attacked, bit, snarled, lunged.. but if if she didn't want someone near 'her kids' (my siblings and I) she'd bark her head off until one of my parents came. She was found by my father while he was on the road (long haul trucker). He found her wandering on the side of the highway somewhere in Arizona. The vet said she was about 3 or 4 months old. She loved my siblings and I from the first day my dad got her home.

Kujo will be 6yrs old in November. My brother stole him from someone who was breeding 'papered pits' to fight. After a vet visit, I found out Kujo wasn't a pitbull, he's an AmStaff. He was 6wks old when my brother brought him to me at 3am. I gave birth to my daughter (second child) when Kujo was 8wks old. So the two of them literally grew up together. He hasn't ever shown aggression, but he has grabbed someone. We had just moved into a new house. The neighbor lady came into our fenced yard. I told her that from that time on, she HAD to use the front door. I made a mental note to padlock the gate. The next day, she came through the gate again. I was in the far corner of the big yard. I didn't know she had come through the gate. She said my daughter tripped and she tried to pick her up and Kujo grabbed her hand/wrist. As soon as the lady let go of my daughter, he was fine. He didn't break skin, but he caused a bruise (that I saw the next day).
So, I'd say if someone were to try to take off with one of the children, Kujo would stop them. Aside from that, he's perfectly happy with anyone and everyone.

Bear has been with us since April. We adopted him from the shelter. He hasn't shown aggression towards anyone or anything. He has a high prey drive. He chases the ferrets a bit, but if told "Leave it!" he ignores them. He gets a little too excited over treats sometimes and he'll catch my finger, but it's like as soon as his teeth touch skin.. he backs off.
He'll bark if people come up the driveway, but not obnoxiously. It's more of "Hey Lady! Someonez heerrree!"
Early July, one of my husbands co-workers came with a friend of his to get the furniture he's been storing in our garage. I took Bear out on his leash so I could open the garage. Bear barked a few times and walked some circles, but his tail was going a mile a minute and his bum was full of wiggles. He was just excited to get attention from someone new.
He plays a bit rough, so his play time with small dogs has to be limited and very closely supervised. Aside from that.. he's great.

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