non-stop howling

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non-stop howling

Postby ilikelily » Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:48 am

we are holding a stray and she will not stop howling. I guess I should give her some credit; she does stop howling every once in while to bark. :crybaby: Our neighbors informed us of the noise all day while we were at work, and it continued through the afternoon and into the evening. Finally at 1am my lovely boyfriend took one for the team, grabbed a sleeping bag and slept with her on the covered porch. I am now at work and just talked to him on the phone and all I could hear was howling in the background.
She also digs/claws at gates and doors and barks and tries to destroy the crate if I lock her in it.

My plan after work- run her with the bike until she can no longer stand, get a radio, rawhide, bully stick, do some frozen kongs....

Anyone have any other ideas? How do you stop the howling?

I know she desperately just wants to be with us, but it's impossible for her to be in the main part of the house because Lily is so dog aggressive. I know it’s not the perfect situation but I could not leave her on the street. She is welcome to hang in the back sunroom and the whole basement and we do spend time with her, it's just as soon as you leave her side the howling begins and will go on for hours.

she needs to stop howling! Help.
I think I actually got her a spot with the rescue; she just needs to bunk with us until her heat is finished...
ALL suggestions appreciated!

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