Need some training advice

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Need some training advice

Postby pitbullgirlbc » Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:25 pm

Buddy will be going on 11 this year and for some reason he refuses to listen to my SO. His brains seem to go out the window if my SO is telling him to do something which is really driving me nuts. It is especially bothersome when he walks the dog as well as when he lets the dog out. When i tell my dog it is time to come inside he is right there waiting to be let in but when my SO does it Buddy just refuses to listen. I am thinking for outside time he might just need to be leashed on a long line when the boyfriend takes him out until he can start behaving but when he is on leash he acts like a complete jerk. He reverts back to biting on the leash and yanking.

Any suggestions on how to retrain the dog. Buddy is currently learning clicker training so I am wondering if I should get my SO more involved in that.

Kinda at a loss of what to do and would like to make this work without being too confusing to the dog.

Help is muchly appreciated,

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Re: Need some training advice

Postby Amie » Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:26 am

Your SO should be as involved in the training as you are. Have him start on the basics with everything - your SO's voice and body are different than yours, so all the cues are different too - they come from a different voice and different hands, so Buddy needs to learn that those cues mean the same thing. Just have your SO pretend Buddy doesn't know anything, and have him work through some training sessions with lots of good treats and fun games, and work through it that way.

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