2 y/o pitbull overprotective/afraid of people?

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Re: 2 y/o pitbull overprotective/afraid of people?

Postby BrokenAquarian » Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:48 pm

Hi :hi
I too am in a wheelchair and have a pit bull. It sounds like your dog is more fearful than protective.
Since she is nipping, she shouldn't be allowed to freely come into contact with new people. Nips can easily escalate into bites, down the road from now. These days, a pit bull who bites, doesn't have much of a chance.

When people try and make friends with dogs, they often push too hard when the dog isn't interested, or scared. Spending time learning dog behavior and dog body language will help you greatly in learning about your dog.

Bending over a dog, or even crouching down while making eye contact is often threatening to them. Offering food and sweet talking isn't comforting to a mistrusting dog. Only slow, calm interactions work with them - and that takes time.

When new people come around, she should be on a leash. How does she act if you put her in a room when someone she doesn't know comes over?

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