New Dog, Help Needed!

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New Dog, Help Needed!

Postby Emma1 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:55 pm

Hello Everyone,
My Husband and I had recently acquired a new dog. We currently have Dexter ( 2 1/2 yr old Am. Cocker Spaniel) & Daphne ( 1 1/2 yr old Am Staff) are new boy is Dean ( 1 1/2 yr old Am Cocker Spaniel) we are having issues introducing daphne to dean. Unfortunately my hubby let them out together a few times while I was working and daphne has tried to attack him 3 times. We have since stopped all interaction. We have and continue to take them on hikes where they are perfectly fine with each other, but as soon as we get home ( or after a short nap) daphne will focus in on him ( intense staring and hackle raised) I have been distracting her and walking her away. Then putting her in kennel or him in his kennel. They each have there own crate in the same room. ( we only have 1 room with A/C so they must have crates in this room. Both of them eat separate in their own crates. Daphne does have a history of small dog aggression, but is fine with similar sized or larger dogs. She also is fine with our other current dog, who is fairly submissive to her, but will still tell her off if she tries to take something for him -and she respects him. What should I be doing to help them get along.

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