Suggestions for living with cat?

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Re: Suggestions for living with cat?

Postby BrokenAquarian » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:01 am

Letty needs an outlet for her predatory tendencies. They are very normal and cannot be gotten rid of. Continue to train her to avoid the cats, but also build her a "prey-like" toy. They are called "flirt poles". It's like a giant version of a cat toy. The toy on a string, attached to the end of a stick.

The ones for dogs are a PVC pipe, rope and some sort of bait/toy that your dog will chase. It's great exercise and fun. :)

Oh, and wagging tail does not mean she isn't going to hurt the cat. It just means she's excited, which can lead to a dead cat.

What wags mean with different tail positions: up is aroused(can mean a fight/attack. Often body is stiff and ears are forward. Eyes are fixed on a target.) Do not try to pet a dog like that and keep it away from your animals. It's not coming to say hi. Middle is happy( ears are often low/back) low is fear(which can also get you bitten) or submissiveness. Ears are low or pinned back and dog cowers away(fear).

Pay attention to your dog and end the interaction when she starts getting into the excited/aroused state. Better yet, end the interaction before it gets there, while she's still calm.
Be very careful of your cat doing the crazy cat thing where they run through the house. This makes him an instant target to your dog. Just as a pet mouse running across the floor would be to your cat.

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