Foster creates a rift between resident dogs

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Re: Foster creates a rift between resident dogs

Postby jamielvsaustin » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:07 am

Hi Kelly, I think you are very aware of the situation between your boys, and it sounds like you read them well-that's awesome. It's always fantastic when this board aquires new members such as yourself.

Either scenario is possible in your situation. The boys could go on needing to be separated or they may fall back into their old ways. Nothing will be able to tell you that except the boys and time, unfortunately.

My guess is, having the foster (even for a short time) changed the dynamic forever. I'm willing to bet it's because she was female. Personally I don't think the boys will be able to be around each other like they once were-I only say that, because after reading many experiences that's what I find to be most common.

But that's not to say I'm wrong. In a house like yours-where the owners are cautious and aware of body language...maybe it can get to a point where both dogs are able to clearly give their "I'm getting uncomfortable" signals and know that you as owners will handle the situation before it gets really uncomfortable for them.

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