Can you socialize an older dog with young children?

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Can you socialize an older dog with young children?

Postby dopeychristy » Sun May 22, 2005 2:26 pm

Can a dog that hasn't had much exposure to children be introduced to them at an older age? (The dog being older not the child lol)


Postby dopeychristy » Mon May 23, 2005 9:24 am

Wow this has been here 24 hours. Is it a bad sign that no one answered? lol


Postby K9Siren » Mon May 23, 2005 11:15 am

Well, some people will tell me, "But you're not talking about a Pit Bull." I know.. I know so, let's get that out of the way.

Molly (German Shepard) and Mungo (Akita) both lived quite a few years without ever seeing a child. Then, my Mother had her yearly Christmas potluck and, a young couple from church came in..with their newborn baby. We were really not sure about that. So, we took the precautions and, made sure the dogs stayed away. The Dad (typical) wanted to see how they would like the baby so, he let them slowly approach while holding the baby and, my Mother had Molly and, I had Mungo. They sniffed but, didn't know quite what to make of the little thing. That was, until Molly decided licking the baby was a good idea. Mungo jumped a mile when the baby made a noise.

I'm glad they were introduced though because, my cousin had a baby right after that. Her son was slowly introduced to the dogs - just like before. They were pretty good with him. We never left them alone - ever but, we kept making sure they were introduced to kids since people we knew seemed to be getting pregnant all over the place! Mungo isn't with us anymore (RIP) :crybaby: but, Molly loves kids. The only problem is, she keeps trying to lick them, and most of them are perfect height to be face to face... lol

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Postby Loca » Mon May 23, 2005 11:28 am

My dogs had never had any exposure to an infant or any children for that matter before I had my baby. They were a year and a half old when I introduced them to my baby. I was very nervous about the introduction. My mom assured me that the dogs will attack the baby. My stepfather even said" what are you going to do when the dogs attack the baby?". My mom even asked me if I was going to put the baby on the floor for the dogs :roll: . I did all the things that I read you should do to prepare your dogs when bringing home a baby, to prevent any jealosy. Let them sniff the scent of the baby on a baby blanket, before meeting the baby, let them hear a tape of a baby crying, and made it a treat extravaganza when they finally did meet the baby. They love our baby so much. However, I wouldn't leave any animal alone with the baby, still. I was a little over cautious, because my mom had a dog that tried to bite my niece when she was a baby, out of jealosy ( that dog was not a Pit, just a mix of who knows what )

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Postby pblove » Wed May 25, 2005 10:13 am

A friend of mine has two dogs. 7 yr old lab, 4 yr old g.s. mix.
Well her daughter came home from school last year with the surprise pregnancy, so the father of the baby and her married and had to live at my friend's house (just kids themselves).
Everyone was really worried about the dogs and the baby, and I came over a few times when they first brought the baby home from hosp. and helped with intros.
The dogs were very curious, sniffed around the baby stuff, then back to business for them.
They are fine with the baby, she is starting to crawl and they seem to love her and will actually get close to her and sit if a stranger comes in the house. If the baby takes a nap on a blanket on the floor, the dogs will lay/sleep close by, with her too.

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Postby JCleve86 » Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:18 am

Hey- if it makes you feel any better, my dog's first exposure to a little kid was when they were a few months old (maybe 3 or so?). My cousin (who lives with a bully) came over and we let him play with them outside. I come inside to get a drink and go back out a minute later to find Bosco huddled on the porch step, piddle puddle next to him, and run around to the back to find Molly cowering between the garbage cans as my four year old cousin flung toys at her from his tree branch sling-shot. (I learned once and for all...NEVER LEAVE KIDS ALONE WITH DOGS, AS KIDS ARE INHERENTLY EVIL). That being said, my dogs jump for joy to this day when they see kids, and they actually love my cousin (and they think baby toes make especially great lollipops). If your dogs have good solid temperaments, they'll be fine.

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