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Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:17 pm
by zoo_mom85
When I very first brought Bullet home my neighbor was holding my cat and bullet sniffed then reached out and chomped, but it was not aggresively chomping, Does that make sence? Like, he just wanted to grab. And it was slow. And careful. He didnt get the cat and he was immediatly told no and pulled away but it worried me. So the only other expiriences hes had have been far and few between and with a fence in between. The only other non fence was horrible!
About 3 days after we had gotten Bullet, he was sniffin late one night around the yard, and stumbled upon my black and white cat. Lucky freaked and then Jumped up and sliced Bully's nose and ran. Bully freaked jump back and stood a minute then ran after him. Lucky was so terrified he tried to run through the fence instead of jump over it. Bullet was so focused on getting the cat that he ran into the fence. This happened all over the yard. Lucky kept running and smacking into fences and so did bullet. We were chasing after Bullet yelling to stop. After about 5 minutes, he stopped and trotted over to us All Bloody nosed. I went and searched for lucky who come back also all bloody nosed from colliding into the fence. OH! IT WAS TERRIBLE AND BLOODY AND SCARY! I thought Bully was going to eat my cat, and I thought Lucky was going to be eaten.
That was 9 weeks ago. Just this past weekend Bullet saw Lucky at the fence. They bumped noses through the fence, and Bullet play bowed and yipped. Lucky, put his ears back and slinked away, annoyed at the high pitch. Wow, that seems so long ago that he chased him.

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:38 am
by Red
Zoo-mom, why do you have cats running around the yard with a reactive dog?
You are lucky nothing happened to the balck and white cat.You gave Bullet the opportunity to chase a cat in your own yard and he probably got a kick out of it.You can't have this happening.Can you find a better solution for the cats?Do they live outside?

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:02 am
by zoo_mom85
Red wrote:Zoo-mom, why do you have cats running around the yard with a reactive dog?
You are lucky nothing happened to the balck and white cat.You gave Bullet the opportunity to chase a cat in your own yard and he probably got a kick out of it.You can't have this happening.Can you find a better solution for the cats?Do they live outside?

The one run in was purely accidental but yes we are very lucky Bullet didnt eat him. The cats are in the front yard, and I usually Keep bullet on a runner in the back yard.The cats dont go back there. I make sure that there are no cats in the back yard when he is off and we always supervise him. Since we've gotten Bullet the cats dont even come with in 3 feet of the fence unless I am back there to supervise. Now that weve gotten to know Bullet a bit more, he doesnt seem as though he wants to eat the cats. Every time he seen them since then hes done play bows. The other cats like the neighbors, I cant control what they do. But even those cats he is doing better with. I just made sure to buy a break stick and always have a vet fee around. Just in case something did happen...We are prepared for it just incase. Unfortunatly I cant keep all the cats inside. Or keep Bullet inside all day.

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 2:43 pm
by ZiggysMom
Wow, this thread makes me realize just how lucky I am that my cat intro went so smoothly! Of course, I think it helped that I had a 6-month old puppy to work with, so he was a bit more open to new things, and also not a whole lot bigger than the cat so the cat didn't push the prey button so much. He's always treated the cat as a creature to interact with on a social level, rather than a prey item. The fact that my cat is not one to run when chased helps a lot too.

In fact, when I catch them being a pain, it's almost always the cat chasing the dog! Ziggy tries to play, and the cat gets pissed about it.

Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 9:05 pm
by L Boogie
I'm glad I found this thread...our new girl Lexus and our kitty are not mixing well. Lexus does well with the kitty around when she is leashed in the house, but if kitty is put in the bedroom with the door closed, Lexus will run around trying to find the cat. The kitty is ok with Duke, but with Lexus around, he's growling, spitting and just freaking out in general. I tried to hold him on the floor near Lexus and he bit the everlasting crap out of me (luckily it's not infected, because I'm pretty sure he bit down to the bone). I think Lexus is so drawn to the cat because the cat is flailling around and running whenever she gets close. I think my kitty needs some training too.

They don't see each other unless Lexus is leashed in the house. I am walking her around the house with a heel and making her sit near the cat. Cat will growl and poof up, I'll give him a pet, and we'll walk away. I think part of the problem is that the kitty doesn't feel safe, even when he's on something. Lexus will not hesitate to jump on whatever necessary to get closer. They will stare at each other, so I guess I need to teach her 'watch me'. (She has been to Obedience Training before, but I don't think her other owners were consistant because she doesn't listen to commands well). Maybe eventually we'll progress to the baby gate, because she does well on the leash (except for staring down the kitty) but I have a feeling that once she's not leashed, she will do as she pleases.

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 1:45 pm
by akaspaddero
I so need this thread. Maddie has been fine for the past 14 months she has lived with us. But within the past two weeks her prey drive has gone nuts. She has tried to bite one of the cats. I even picked one of them up when they were down stairs and she lunged at the cat while in my arms.
So, thanks..Glad this is a sticky!

Cat Aggro

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:48 pm
by TangoJr
I searched and found many post about high-prey drive dogs. However, most of them were about dogs who had to live with cats. My situation is a bit different, I cannot let Sadie slowly become acclimated to having cats around because the only time she sees cats is when I take her with me to visit my parents(once a week). They have 3 outside cats and one inside/outside. We always make sure there are no cats in the house before she is allowed in, but it's hell walking her to go potty or trying to get into the house because the cats hang out on the front porch.... and Sadie will pull my arm off trying to get to them. The cats aren't afraid of dogs because my parents have a boxer and a rottie that get along great with them.
Any suggestions?

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:31 am
by Red
TangoJr, it is hard for you to work on the issue daily because the cats don't live with you but you can use those situations where you visist your parents to at least start some work.
When the cats hang out on the porch take Sadie on the edge of the yard on a leash, with a load of good treats.Stay there and work on her directing her attention to you.It will be hard at the beginning but any type of work to desensitize a dog to small animals, or other dogs, need to start at fair distance.Even if you get some brief eye contact that is a good thing, reward her heavily for interrupting the visual tunnel.The next time you might get two, three and so on, till the dog stop pulling your arm off.Make sure you find a distance that works for her, meaning that she is aware of the cats but does not act up like a dork.If things go well when is far away you can then increase the distance of a couple of steps.You can also start teaching Sadie an "easy" cue, starting at home.When she is relaxed on her bad massage her muscle, her ears and her face, introducing the cue when her eyes become sleepy and her muscle release any tension.Sometime it helps that a dog knows a cue for relaxation.It is not enough to put her in front of the cats and expect her to fall asleep but it can help at distance.

Zues And Charley!

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:30 am
by wheeljack359
I have just adopted Zues and didnt know anything about what I should do at first. The first day we introduced the cats to or new PBull Zues and its was funny actually. Zues enthusiastically ran up to our biggest cat Charlie and Charlie hissed at him and put his paw up to swipe. I had the dog on a leash so I allowed closeness but no reachability. It is the 5th day of keeping Zues and he and Charley seem to be ok with eachother when Zeus is out of his cage. ( not often) They smell eachother and then Zues tries to play by dropping down (if you know what I mean, Head to the floor arms out foreward.) Charlie is calm with him by now and just leaves. We are on a cool down period with Zues (mostly) but I am concerned that Zues will not always be friendly with the cats. ( Charley, Uno, and Cosmo. Charley is brave, cosmo is curious but distant, and Uno dissapears) . Should I take his attitude toward the cats as what he will be like in a couple of weeks or should I still prepare for the worst?


Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:32 am
by Red
Should I take his attitude toward the cats as what he will be like in a couple of weeks or should I still prepare for the worst?

I think that so far it sounds good but you always want to keep your eyes open.It seems that Zeus is inviting the cat to play with his play bow but often it starts as a game and dogs can get easily aroused.Especially when the cat starts running full speed all over the place. Prey drive is an instinct and the dog might not mean harm initially but get caught in what he is doing.You can teach Zeus to behave around the cat, interrupting interactions if he gets rough and rewarding him for being appropriate.Zeus is new to the household (when did you adopt him and how old is he?) and as time goes by you might see changes.A good thing to constantly practice is to recall him with his name.Reinforce him heavily for leaving the cats to come to you.Do it several times a day, always providing a hight rate of reinforcement.It comes very handy when play time is about to get more intense.Start when he is calm around the cats and then when he is interacting with them.

Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:59 am
by wheeljack359
I am sorry I didnt mention that Zues is about 1 year and we adopted him on 2/24/08. we only have had him for almost a week now. this is why he is in cool down, but he seems/is so loving and gentle it is hard for us to keep from wanting to spend alot of time playing with him. Yesterday he rolled over for me to pet his belly. which I believe is a sign of trust. he obeys my commands very well and with the cats he will Ignore them when I tell him to stop. (for a few minutes). I think he was previosly owned and trained pretty well. Thank you for your feedback this sticky is super helpful to me. I am only concerned that all this sweetness is his introduction to us and he may become harder to handle later on.


Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:31 pm
by N2K
I have a cat that is very aggressive towards Roxy. She jumps and wags her tail and my cat doesn't run anymore. He actually comes at her growling, hissing and trying to scratch her. I hope he snaps out of it and stops trying to push his weight around.

I should try this but the opposite, keep the cat away. lol

quite a read but after 3 pages

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:32 am
by Grinsomx
i guess it is time to give our cats and dog another try,
we can so far get the dog to leave the cats alone for a while, but sometimes she suddenly tries to go after them.
not always but it only has to go wrong once...
your method (Red) looks really good and we are going to give it a try.
i dont think Laica actually wants to kill our cats, but "dont think" is not good enough.
thanks for the great post(s)

Re: Foster homes and cat problems

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:15 am
by Grinsomx
ok, this is odd.
we have been trying to get our dog to behave towards the cats and like i said...she usually leaves them alone for a while, then suddenly goes after the cats.
after reading through this thread we decided to give it another try (after keeping them apart for about 3 months), she leaves the cats alone, she doesnt ignore them but they are allowed near her and all she will do is try to sniff them. she's been nose to nose with our monster (thats his name..he's only 6 months old) several times in last 3 days.
now i'm not sure what steps to take, should i take off the leash? or just keep putting them together for longer periods?

it's encouraging at the least.

Re: Foster homes and cat problems

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:40 pm
by RhysMom
Thank you for this post it is a very useful guide for me! I am in the process of solving our own dog/cat tension.
Rhys isn't dangerous to the cat (unless she might die from giving that irritated cat-stare too much) but he runs up to her and wants to play, he whines, barks and does that goofy hopping/"let's play!" move. Anyway, I'm looking for some harmony so that I can at least give him an "off" command to leave her be. If she's laying somewhere and doesnt run from him I can call him back to me, but if she runs he gets too excited for me to call him back right now. I am working with clicker training him to learn the "look at me"/attention right now.