Training Help - Potty in one place

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Training Help - Potty in one place

Postby Tytanium » Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:42 pm

Wanted to find out what the group has done to get your pups to go potty in just one area (emphasis on the ONE AREA part).

Zane is completely house trained but he tends to use the whole yard for urination and various spots for poop. This is creating the typical brown spots where he urinates (small area of browned-out grass) and "poop mines". I would like to consolidate the grass damage and land mines to one relatively out-of-sight area.

He is super sensitive to tone and I dislike the idea of using the "Aah Aah Aah" sound he gets for other unacceptable behavior (running off with a shoe, paws up on the counter). I don't want him to think taking a pee is bad. We've had really great results with positive training but how do you positive train a dog to use a specified area.

Problems are:
- He really does not like wet grass - but tolerates it when he has to "go".
- He has a bladder and bowels of steel. I can stand for a short eternity with him on a leash waiting for him to go so I can reward....... results in a lack of training continuity / frequency given our schedules.
- He doesn't like to go when on his leash..... only if he REALLY has to go.

Note: We are pretty good about cleaning up his poop at least once a day.

Any positive training ideas would be great. Anyone get their dog to use the toilet??? :))

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