Hart County Puppy Mill (GA) HELP

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???

Hart County Puppy Mill (GA) HELP

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Investigation Into Malnourished Dogs Found In Hart County Continues
Kennel Owner Says Health Problems Hindered Efforts To Care For Animals

POSTED: 11:07 pm EST December 29, 2004
UPDATED: 5:37 pm EST December 30, 2004

HARTWELL, GA -- The Hart County Sheriff's Office is preparing to ship out more than 60 malnourished dogs found at a breeding kennel on Wednesday.

Deputies came to Eadies' K-9 Kennel on Wednesday after someone reported the dogs' plight.

Deputies and assistants check one of several malnourished dogs found at a Hart County breeding kennel on Wednesday.

Bones sticking out of rib cages, sores on them, no shelter whatsoever, chained inside a kennel run, chained to the kennel with no shelter," Sheriff Mike Cleveland said. "Had they finished the roof, at least they would have been out of the rain and the sun."

Cleveland said that they found 62 dogs and puppies, including three dead dogs.

The kennel owner, Steve Eadie, said that he has been in and out of hospitals recently due to medical problems. Eadie is currently at an Anderson County hospital.

Eadie told WYFF News 4's Erin Hartness that he did try to get help for the animals, and that he never intended for the dogs to suffer.

"The owner of the kennel and property is in the hospital. He was here Saturday and Sunday, so it's not like he shouldn't have had any knowledge of what shape the dogs are in," Cleveland said.

Cleveland said that his office will most likely file charges, once it determines who was responsible for the dogs' condition.

"There will be one or two people charged with cruelty to animals," he said.

Deputies brought food and water for the dogs, and the kennel is under the sheriff's office supervision at the moment. Cleveland said that the local shelter is full, so the dogs will be shipped to shelters in the Atlanta area for the moment, possibly as soon as Friday morning.

Workers photographed and tagged the dogs on Thursday in preparation for the move.

Department of Agriculture finding homes for mistreated dogs

By Edith Gaines, staff writer
Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland announced late Dec. 30 that, starting at about 9 a.m. Friday, Dec. 31, the Georgia Department of Agriculture will begin moving all of the more than 60 surviving dogs and puppies from Eadies K-9 Kennel. The DOA "has made arrangements for several different shelters to pick up and house the mistreated dogs," Cleveland said in a release.

Hart County Sheriff's deputies from the Hart County Sheriff's Office raided the kennel at 7334 Bowman Highway, Hartwell, owned by Chris Eadie, earlier this week.

The office received an anonymous phone call Wednesday morning that dogs and puppies were being mistreated.

When deputies arrived, accompanied by Sheriff Mike Cleveland, they saw at least three dead dogs through the fence. After obtaining a search warrant, they found "more than 60 dogs and puppies that had been starving and had not been fed in quite some time," according to a release.

The dogs had no water, no food and no shelter.

Within a short time, veterinarian Dr. Bob Mauldin had sent over hundreds of pounds of food.

That afternoon, Cleveland said attempts were being made to relocate the surviving dogs.

But, as of the afternoon of Dec. 30, the dogs were still not moved, and Cleveland was doubtful that they would be very soon.

The kennel is licensed by the Department of Agriculture. Commissioner Tommy Irwin said inspectors went to the kennel on Nov. 18 and Dec. 2, but no one was on the premises and the gate was locked. "We had no idea what was going on," he said.

Irwin said his department continues to search for homes for the dogs. They cannot be given to concerned citizens because they are still Eadie's property, Cleveland said.

DOA representative Mike Lurey said the state runs a shelter for abused and neglected horses, but that it has no such facility for dogs.

The kennel bred boxers, dobermans, huskies, German shepherds, Weimaraners and some mixed breed dogs.

Cleveland said Eadie has been in the hospital and relatives were supposed to have been taking care of the animals.

Meanwhile, dozens of calls came in to the Hart County Sheriff's Office with offers of help.

Cleveland said, I would like to thank all of the concerned citizens and the news media for their phone calls and overwhelming response to help the dogs."

No charges had been made in the case as of late Dec. 30.


First off I want to thank everyone who came out to help take dogs!!!

Officer Reed, Elbert County Animal Control
Laura, NorthEast GA Animal Shelter
Stephens County Humane Society
Atlanta Humane Society
Brandy, Anderson County Animal Shelter and Doberman Pinscher Triad (plus Lara with Cullens Archangel RescuE)
Therese and Molly (and their wonderful husbands!), GSD Rescue of GA
Rebecca, Rockin P Boxer Rescue

I also want to thank the Hart County Sherriff's Department, and The Department of Agriculture for acting so quickly to the situation. The fisrt officer arrived on the scene Wednesday within an hour, and Dept of Ag officials were there within just a few hours. A search Warrant was obtained the same day! Thank you so much, and I hope I didn't forget anyone. Now that the dogs are off the property they are not out of danger. Some rescues and shelters are over capacity now! I cannot speak for all of them but I can say that Elbert County Animal Control is overfull and needs foster homes/rescue pulls immediately. They were originally slated to take 4 animals. Well after helping transport two loads of dogs, only the rottweilers were left. Rather than leave these poor sould behind Officer Reed took it upon herself to take ALL the remaining dogs!!! They are now maxxed out on space and the dogs have limited time!! please please please if rescue could take a few. I know that there are enough purebreed and all breed rescues out there to help with 6 rotties, one boxer, one pit bull, and a husky mix!!
call the shelter 706-283-5054.

Heather Cosgrave
The Dancing Dog
Bowman, GA


If you know anyone who can help, contact Heather at heather@thedancingdog.com

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