MI-CopperTop the Pitty Mix-needs HOME-fast

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???

MI-CopperTop the Pitty Mix-needs HOME-fast

Postby luvnstuff » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:20 pm

CopperTop needs a home.
CopperTop is a pitty mix that needs a caring home fast.
She was born on June 23 2004 and was chained up outside since July 2004.
You can imagine the life this dog has had.
It was turned over to the rescue a few weeks ago , but was surrerended to a neighbor lady of the dogs home and she didnt get signatures..long story short..they called and demanded the dog back (oh and a dog house) but they wouldnt sign her over and we had to give her back (oh no dog house either..gez.. but was going to have animal control check up on them)...
well they wanted a new start with the dog..
So they did.
We waited..expecting dog back... and as just the day a few of us discussed that the dog was gone for good, the call came.

So here she is.
You might expect a pitbull mix dog that was chained up for all that time to be crazy and possibly aggressive.
Why she is fearful at first, two minutes into a greeting she is the sweetest little dog.

I volunteer for a group that does the adoptions and care for an ALL kill shelter. The worry is that all of the fosters are FULL. Pitbull mixes are HARD to adopt out, sweet and small as she is, she is still a pittie mix.
Other dogs of good manners and easily adopted are going to be euthanized as we take the time to show Copper the world.
Choices are going to have to be made.. who lives and who dies.

She needs a home..fast.. She is at my house again now, but I am overloaded with dogs and have her in a crate in the kitchen which is not the best place for her.

Her behaviour is a bit needy but loveable. She does meet new situations with fear and wants to bolt, but two minutes into it she is fine and loveable. She was doing great in the crate last time she was here, but the kitchen even tho I have the crate covered she is wimpering and crying for she can hear all the comontion in this house . She is pretty good about potty training but does tend to "leak" tiny amounts of urine on occassion of over excitablity or trying to get her to the door in time.

She does need someone able to teach and train a pitty mix from ground up. Remember this was a PUPPY chained up. She needs someone to introduce each new thing slowly and properly.
I see in time a very sweet loving playful dog...if given the proper training and oppurtunities.

The lady who owned her is still sticking with she is a pitbull german shepard. hummmm.. dunno bout that. She has a sweet lil face and is only about 35 pounds. I dont think she will get much bigger...one thing I can say is whoever had her fed her well. So at least she wasnt starved, just neglected and ignored.

There is a fire under her adoption...She needs a home FAST.
She according to the owner is up to date on shots but had no proof and her vet was in Missouri was the only information I could get from her..no name..no number..nada.
She is yet to be spayed. I did de worm her last she was here a few weeks ago. But held off taking her to vet in fear that we would loose her. Which we did..but she is back for good now. There is a fee thru Life Line for Pound Buddies for her adoption.



Our Main Site for Pound Buddies is here to learn more about us.


I will have to get some better pictures of her, but that is what I have stored for now ..

Of course any questions can be addressed to me thru here or PM or you can request my Email thru a PM if you are really interested. I would prefer Michigan adoption..but with GOOD references might be able to go to near states.
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Postby luvnstuff » Sat Jan 01, 2005 1:50 pm

*Sorry I should of put in the title of my thread*
that we are in Michigan near to Muskegon.
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Postby GuardianAMBULL » Sat Jan 01, 2005 3:25 pm

What a cutie!
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Postby Salival » Sat Jan 01, 2005 7:17 pm


Don't forget the nicest part of the shelter. In the back is where all the "Pit" and "Pit Mixes" are waiting to be put to be PTS. Their only saving grace is a big hearted volunteer for the local rescue, if anyone steps up. The shelter will not adopt these dogs out. Newborn pups to seniors, doesn't matter if they think it is or has "pit". What makes it worse is this shelter is uses gas for euthenasia.

I too have a pit mix (I think with a shepard) that I am almost ready to place. He is on the pet finder site, Apollo, they listed him as a Rott. He weighs about 45-50 lbs, and his photos don't do him justice. Very pretty boy. I know rescues are overflowing but if any bully rescues are willing to help please contact either of us. Muskegon definately needs help for their bully breeds :((
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Postby luvnstuff » Sat Jan 01, 2005 8:11 pm

yes that is true Salvial...
Most pits we try to shuffle to foster before they enter the shelter, Scooter and Coopertop are shuffles, since they werent "found" we didnt have to worry about people looking for them.
But the ones picked up usually dont make it very far, unless nabbed out of there asap by that big hearted person.
But we are running out of fosters.. that is the scary thing.
And there are not a lack of dogs showing up . :sad:
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Postby luvnstuff » Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:41 am

A quick update on CopperTop.
She still is with me.
She has learned the command SIT and is doing great with learning.

I am amazed at how well she is adjusting to commands and new situations as her life has been spent on a choke chain embedded in her fur by the time we first got her. :sad:

She is quick to learn! She instead of leaping all over me is now starting to SIT to be pet and her piddling is becoming better , much we have had two days of piddle free moments!!!

She is eager to please I think she might make a great trainable dog as she has energy to the max and seems smart enough to get commands quickly.

She went for her first small leash walk (just in my driveway at first) and did very well!!!! A neighbor even came over and at first she barked a bit but didnt bolt and soon was wagging her tail!

I see this as great improvements as she first came to me just scared of everything . She is learning fast that life isnt out to get her!


and Scooter too *

are all shuffled out the door from the kill shelter as they all would of been PTS , mainly for having no where to go and their breed mix.
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