Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???


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This is an absolutely urgent plea for help to close down a "rescue"
in Nashville, TN. - KEVIN SPEARS- This "rescuer" is contacting Pit
rescues to "help them" with taking Pits into his home, while every
dog in his care is emaciated, in horrible condition, breeding, several
fighting, and literally living ON trash. He also asks for little dogs,
particularly Pekigneses, but any little dogs he'll take. Everything
that is about to be written is FACT, not hearsay, gossip, or exaggerated (I
witnessed every bit of this myself WITH two witnesses): in fact, I
cannot thoroughly describe HOW bad this situation was, but can only try
through e-mail. PLEASE read this entire e-mail/post so that something can
be done about this "rescuer". This needs to be crossposted and FWDed
to ANYONE who works with Pit Bulls, or small dogs- especially in the TN
and other southern areas. If anyone has contact information for this
areas local animal control PLEASE let me know- this guy needs to be shut
down NOW.

I was contacted the week of October 25 by a "gentleman" (term used
loosely) who offered to help my rescue by taking in some Pit Bulls,
as he had room. He talked with me for over an hour, telling me how he did
rescue and wanted to help- after speaking with multiple Pit rescues
he found they were all full, and since he had some room [for five dogs]
he wanted to help by taking in Pits that were in danger of being
euthanized. He went into great detail about his "setup", home, current rescues, and experience with the breed, and sounded like a saint. I checked his vet reference, who gave him an outstanding reference- so we were
optimistic that we had a new contact to help the breed. I didn't have any dogs that NEEDED to go to a foster home, so I contacted people who had
e-mailed requesting help with dogs they could not keep - I was able
to locate four dogs that needed to get into this foster spot, and we arranged
to take them up to this guy's home to do a thorough home check. Four
dogs were gathered up (this guy told me he had room for five) and an
adoptive mom [of mine], her daughter, and I travelled the 5 hour
drive to his Nashville home to check this guy out and hopefully get some Pitties saved. I was told this was a brand new house with a kennel setup,
and each dog would have their own "room" so they could be separated when
eating. I was also told there were two people living there- this man and his
girlfriend/fiance to do dog rotations.

When we arrived to this guy's home, we were horrified with what we
saw- the house was NOT as described, it was a house with approx. 4 rooms,
in a HORRIBLE area of town. There was no kennel setup, anywhere, and
BARELY a yard....I have kennels bigger than this "yard" to exercise
and "potty" these dogs. There was no room for the dogs there, let alone
more, and the conditions of this home/yard were NOT pleasing. There were
four HORRIBLY emaciated Pit Bulls in his fenced area, which was
barely 20 x 30 ft and holding four adult Pits- two unneutered males and two
unspayed females- we also saw that they were rushing to hide two
other dogs, and the two females outside were nursing pups (full of milk and
scratches on their teats showing current nursing) but we saw no
pups. The dogs were living on trash, literally: there was no grass where they
"lived" they were walking and living on trash, glass included,
cutting their paws open as they walked across. Two of the dogs got into a fight as we were there, and the entire household (five people) rushed
to "watch"- no one made an effort to break this fight up at all. It was obvious
that two of the people there were on drugs (specific details CAN be
provided, if requested, as to how we know drugs were involved- but
it was OBVIOUS), and I wouldn't be surprised if the other three were as
well. The dogs they had, the two males, were obviously fighters- I've seen
my share of Pits that have gotten into scuffles or minor fights, and
these were NOT that type of wounds- these dogs had fresh, open, bloody,
infected faces from recent fights, as well as old scars- they [the
two males] were scarred up on their faces, chests, necks, and front
legs, and all four of the dogs had horrible skin conditions. These dogs were
NOT taken care of, and especially to have been with a "rescue".

This situation was horrific- trash was piled up 3-4ft on the [all
four] sides of the house, and several inches high all across the yard
(fron, back, and both sides). They live directly in front of some type of
junkyard/auto shop (didn't get close enough to see what type of
building it was) and I believe there were more dogs there, though only having
two women, a child, and a truck full of Pits, we were not going to
investigate further, nor would we attempt to go in the house. The
individuals in this house were LESS than worthy to have a pet mouse, let alone Pit Bulls- they continued to try and gather around our vehicle to see
the Pits, asking us to take them all out for them to meet, and introduce
to their [dog aggressive] Pits. We politely declined for the moment-
trying to determine the best way to get out safely, as we were truly
concerned for our safety, and the safety of the dogs with us. The
man I had spoken with told me he had someone, already, who wanted one of the dogs- we were appalled that a "rescue" would want to adopt a dog out
the day they received them, and asked him information about the person
(to "grill" him)- he stumbled for words [not expecting us to ask] and
told us he gave them a Pekignese application to fill out to adopt this Pit
Bull. After seeing enough of the trash and horrible conditions, and
getting all the information we needed on this man and his "rescue",
we made it clear to them that we were NOT leaving any of the dogs there, and
we would be bringing them all back to GA with us. They tried to gather
around the vehicle, intimidating us, and didn't understand why we
were not "pleased" with their home/setup. Anyone in their right mind
would have known that this was HORRIBLE conditions for dogs, especially
after we explained WHY we did not like this place- they tried to make
excuses, and continued to ask us to get the dogs out of their crates and
bring them out, even though we told them we were NOT leaving dogs with

I have seen horrible situations in my life- but this is one of the
worst I have seen. There were at least six dogs there, and I'm
guessing a LOT more than what we saw- the man told me he had a red-red nose Pit, but we didn't see one, which proves to me that there were more dogs
than what he showed us. There were five people living in the house, when
we were told two, and we were lied to about everything about this man,
his "rescue", his house, his dogs, etc.

This man is Kevin Spears, 112 Douglas Street, Nashville, TN. (off I
65- I do have specific directions to his home, if needed by anyone who can help) (615)506-4120 He works for a locksmith company, previously did Pekignese rescue, and now does "Pit" rescue. Is there ANYONE in this area that can help me shut him down, and get those dogs out of those horrible conditions? PLEASE do not release dogs to this man- he may now offer to pick dogs up now that he has seen that we were so appalled
with his home....so PLEASE spread the word about this man so no one
releases Pits to him unknowingly. Thank God we travelled to him and saw for
ourselves so that we could bring the dogs back, safely, with us....God
knows what would happen to them had they been there with Kevin
Spears. PLEASE crosspost to ALL rescue/Pit Bull boards, shelter groups, etc.
and make it known that this man does NOT need Pit Bulls- he needs to be
shut down, and I need help doing it. Is there ANYONE in this are
that might could get pictures, or get animal control's information (I
don't know what county this is in) so that I can file a complaint? PLEASE
help me shut him down. Contact me directly with ANY information/leads to
have this man brought down, and the dogs taken from his cruel care.

Amanda Conrad
President, Pit Prints Pit Bull Rescue/Rehabilitation

Promote Responsible Ownership...NOT Breed Prejudice.


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:yucky: disgusting.


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I live in Memphis. That is terrible.

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