Foster homes in Wa. State or Oregon?

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Foster homes in Wa. State or Oregon?

Postby Kirstan » Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:23 pm

Hello all~

BullsEye Dog Rescue needs foster homes even for temporary times. Some of my more permanent foster homes need vacations or have to go out of town for family stuff and we would love to have some people who could, occasionally, take a pup or an adult for even a few days to a couple weeks. I don't call foster homes over a couple weeks temporary so, by saying temporary, I really do mean it.

I would also love to have additional foster homes for longer term stays so that some of my regular fosters could get some much needed time off. I'm not asking for long term fosters so that I can add more dogs but so that I can make sure we're not burning anyone out, you know?

If you need more info, pm me or send me an email @ OR Let me know if you'd prefer s.t. or l.t. and if pups or adults are your preference. Some of the adults are pretty easy!

Thanks for considering~

Thanks tons!

aaron kahn
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Postby aaron kahn » Mon Jan 10, 2005 1:11 am

I risk household trouble... but truly TEMPORARY could be possible! We prefer younger males as they are least likely to challenge our dogs sense of home. We have an "older" male, about 7yrs, who is pretty tolerant of visitors- he just ignores them. Our female, about 3yrs, is harder to read- so we watch her closer. This is why I don't want to try any females.

Give me notice, via PM or EM, so that I can clear it with my partner- she is usually willing!


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Postby Noriko525 » Tue Jan 11, 2005 4:40 pm

I just sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you dont get it for some reason. I sent it to

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