female found in Central TX

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female found in Central TX

Postby VinR1 » Tue Mar 30, 2004 5:23 pm

hey guys - I found a female pit up the street from my house in College Station TX. Ive had her a week and no one has reported her missing to the shelter and I havent seen any newspaper ads or missing dog signs. Im getting the feeling she was just dumped.

Shes approx 3-4 years old. Bright fawn (almost yellow) in color with a white neck and a white streak down her forehead that splits around her nose. She has really short cropped ears, weighs around 45lbs, and a slight limp in her right/rear leg. She appears to be an indoor dog, as she is house broken, appears well taken care of, and would rather lay on the couch than play outside. She is very well built and quite muscular for her age... she also appears to have given birth in the last 2-3 months too.

If anyone is interested, she needs a good home. Like I said, shes not an active dog and really just needs a nice couch or a warm lap to sleep on. She doesnt cause trouble or destroy things like most pits do. I dont want any money for her, just the assurance that she will be taken care of. Im in College Station TX and I will deliver her to pretty much anywhere in the state... or meet half way.

If no one takes her in the next week or so, I will give her to my parents. They have a cattle farm and she would have plenty room to roam around and play... just wouldnt be allowed indoors - which is what she needs the most. Please contact me if anyone is interested. PM me or email at vmohed@yahoo.com - I can also be reached at 979-220-5322

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