How can I help rescues?

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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How can I help rescues?

Postby dangermouth » Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:08 am

This may at first sound like a stupid question with obvious answers. I assure you it's not that simple.

I am a pitbull lover (duh) and I want to help with rescue, preferably for pits and/or pit mixes. However, I have four dogs (1 full pit and 3 mixes) and 9 cats - so fostering is right out. I don't have money to give as working as a vet tech barely covers the bills and I'm planning on going back to school in the fall. I have limited time to do things in person like adoption days, but I have lots of time behind a computer.

So, what I would like to do is something mostly internet based, which I have done in the past for a basenji rescue. There, I screened potential adopters through email and also did local home visits. However, I have contacted more than one rescue and no one seems to be looking for this sort of volunteer (pbrc is the most recent to turn me away). Am I barking up the wrong tree?

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Postby buckaroo » Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:19 am

Wow we would kill for someone like you in my rescue. We can always use help screening and doing stuff for the website. I can't believe someone turned you away.

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Postby merriterrier » Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:25 am

I think what you are wanting to do is something that many rescues might not even realize they need help with. The thing is, is that in many cases the email/computer part is the easiest since you can do it at 1am and it doesn't make any difference: whereas you cannot make home visits, or call people at 1am. However, I would think that it is also something rescue folks would need a hand with, since it can get overwhelming.

You might also try some grant writing stuff. Even though you may not be a grant writer, you can compile info and statistics, proof read, etc.

Or entering dogs on petfinder or PBRC something like that.

I appreciate that you realize your limitations, but have also tried to figure out a way you can do something. I hope someone will see that you have something to offer and take you up on it.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:

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Postby Amy Hendrickson » Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:55 pm

PBRC doesn't exactly turn people away. When applications come to the site they get a general response and then if the application is worth holding onto, the workload needs to be looked at and where openings may need to be filled. It isn't a fast process, before a volunteer can be added, there needs to be a plan in place for where they will fit and what responsibilities they will have, etc. Setting up a workload so to speak so someone isn't just a "volunteer" with nothing to do.

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Postby luvnstuff » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:05 pm

hi! :))
Sorry you cant find a spot to fit into.
You are more than welcome to join my rescue based and just started
its more local but we need chatters and drummers of conversations, seem we have 28 members in the first few weeks, and most of our local people seem to be a bit mute.
There are a few of my personal buddies that are attempting to get things rolling ( a few from here you might recongonize)
So if you want.. I dont know what excatly you can do..but feel free to join, post stuff about experiences and ideas and articles on doggy stuff ....and provoke hopefuly converstaions. :0 )

The hope is alot of the personal emails I get from people about SOS's and new adopters and fosters might join in , so I can stop repeating myself, and we can all learn from each others experiences.
The trials and errors.



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Postby dawnapbt » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:49 pm

CHAKO needs your type for sure!

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