Planning on adopting or fostering a dog- QUESTIONS

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Re: Planning on adopting or fostering a dog- QUESTIONS

Postby CSilverman89 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:11 am

Misskiwi67 wrote:Please don't ruin all your hard work and the wonderful bond you have developed with your current dog by bringing another "project dog" into your home.

You are going to seriously jeopardize your time and commitment to your current dog by accepting this new dog. You've worked too hard with Cruz to do that to him. You might be a better home for Roxy than the home she's currently in, but you will be putting your relationship with Cruz at risk... is that really worth it???

I don't think you understand how much WORK multiple dogs are, multiple animals for that matter. Nonetheless multiple dogs with issues. Don't ruin all the work you're doing with Cruz.

Red wrote:Cruzer wrote:
While most of you would say I am crazy for taking this dog on, I really know she just needs the things that I have learned how to give a dog. I have worked through many issues with my dog already successfully and want to share that with another dog and give it a good life as well.

Keep in mind that you seem to have experimented with different methods, some not so appropriated, that can get you in trouble very fast if you think to handle a dog with certain behavioral problems the same way. As a general guideline, without the necessary experience one should not attempt to work with such dogs alone. It is hardly not a "try and see what happens" type of situation and to determine the complexity of behaviors is not an easy task. Really basic questions have been asked in several posts and the answer to those questions and much more should be already in your knowledge to even think to work with a problem animal. While problem dogs make better handlers and can teach us so much they also often end up in the hands of people who realize they are incapable to deal with them, and let alone help them, when it is too late.

I agree. Just because you feel sorry for an animal doesn't mean bring it home. If you aren't equiped to handle it, don't. I think your heart is in the right place, but it's simply not logical.

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Re: Planning on adopting or fostering a dog- QUESTIONS

Postby jamielvsaustin » Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:08 am

I haven't read all the posts yet, but I don't think this is a good idea. Cruzer I think you would be an excellent foster parent, but I think the timing is bad. It's good though that this dog touched you and is encouraging you. The amount of information you've gathered/learned just from your original post in introductions is amazing. You really are eating this up. But I think some stability in your home with Cruz for a good amount of time first would be a good idea. I agree that this dog needs help, but don't feel like you're the only option for her. There are others, and you can help her current owner find those options. You mentioned a rescue, that's a good start.

Good luck with your decision and please keep us posted.

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Re: Planning on adopting or fostering a dog- QUESTIONS

Postby Cruzer » Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:55 am

I am glad I have you guys to get me thinking clearly. I spent my teen years trying to rescue poor boys who needed guidance and I do really want to help this breed and dogs for that matter. Im glad I found something that makes my heart reach out finally. But all of you are right. I have made so much progress with Cruz that I should not jeopardize it. Until I fully have him completely balanced, including working with introductions and getting him to greet nicely, then I will not start my quest to rescue/foster. I have thought about volunteering though at shelters and rescues. And will look at that further.

I sent an email this morning to the owner of Roxy as follows:

After meeting Roxy I really see she has potential and needs a very firm hand with discipline and teaching basic obedience. While I think I can do that, I do have to think about my current dog who still is a work in progress as well. I really wish i could take her, but I honestly do not think it would be fair to Cruz at this time. If you decide to keep her I would recommend crating her more often and using NILIF. Make her work for her keep. You need to show Roxy she can trust you to help her out of situations where she is uncomfortable with the children and never leave them unsupervised with the dog. That means correcting your kids or redirecting them to something else. You need to start watching and studying her body language and she will give you cues when she is uncomfortable. I would recommend putting the dogs away when humans are eating food so that Roxy doesnt feel the need to correct Bo for trying to take kids food, until you can successfully teach them both the leave it command. Work with each dog one at a time while the others are crated. It only takes 5-15 minutes twice a day and your dog will learn super fast. Get a book on basic obedience if you can not afford the classes. I would recommend that you thoroughly have Roxy checked to make sure she is a sound and trainable (desensitizing her) dog too. I have no problem being your guide but you will have to work. You have 4 kids and 4 dogs that deserve it! If you decide to rehome Roxy to your moms house I would only do it if she plans to work with her on obedience and NILIF as well. This is what she needs. Passing her off with behavior problems to a home where she will not get firmer structure will be devastating. So basically I am saying if you keep her, keep her from situations where she has acted out before, until you can work in some commands to redirect her. In the meantime, just use verbal interuptions "Eh eh" etc and then ask for her to sit, down etc. Always replace what she is doing with something else, otherwise she has no clue what you want. If nothing else we can contact pitbull rescues in Chicago to see if she would be a good candidate to be fostered. I have the links to them. There are no pitbull rescues in Rockford. Mike Borza, the dogfather has and is fostering as well.

I really want to help, Im sorry if I have dissappointed you.

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