3yr old male needs home

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3yr old male needs home

Postby zookeeper » Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:30 am

I have had a surrender come in that I need help with. I need either a great 1 pet only home for him or a bigger rescue to help rehome him. I am willing to help with transport if needed.
Okay he is a 3 yr old male, Super sweet dog, he wants to please so bad.. The only thing is he is dog selective (mainly males) and doesn't like small critters. I have had him around people of all ages and he does wonderful. I have also had this guy in parades, and other events where there are dogs present. He doesn't have visible dog aggression (lounging, growling ect) it is only there when loose with other dogs. He is sweet dog, I just am finding it hard to rehome him and my cats are getting very upset being locked up all the time. So if there is even a rescue out there that can help me rehome him I would be forever greatful. He again is 3yrs old. up to date on shots, neutered, microchipped, heartworm neg. crate trained. knows basic commands, and even knows how to pick things up off the floor and give them to you.
If there is anyone that can help me please let me know thank you

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